Disrupting Opposition Supply Chain Using Effects Based Operations Concept

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In almost all the nations across the globe, effects based operations is a concept that is closely associated with the military. All developments in the field of defense and weaponry are used by this extremely effective concept that was introduced by the United States at the beginning of 19th century. The primary goal of implementing this kind of operation is to lessen the degree of casualties that can take place between two warring states. It is possible to have a substantial influence on the enemy’s supply chain and the course of the battle with the use of the most advanced technology.

It takes a lot of effort to initiate, monitor and maintain suitably adapted effects based operations with the aim of impacting enemy supply chain. Ever since the idea emerged, critical thinking abilities have been tested; honed and enhanced as such type of technique needs intensive study on how the enemy works and what strategies can possibly be imparted.
Effects based operations mainly entail extensive enemy systems research and identification of the possible ways of hindering its operations.

More so, imposing an impact to the enemies’ supply chain makes such specific military technique equally critical and significant. The defense technique targets opposition’s supply chain, which is indispensable in order to win any war. In doing so, the major function of the chain discontinues, typically affecting the rest of the subsequent functions entailed.

A cut off in the supply chain can make the complete enemy tactic and function worthless especially during ongoing attacks. As altered strategic plans start to occur, enemies tend to find themselves falling in a deep pit, particularly when contingency plans are inadequate or no contingencies address the core problem.

Efforts are being made by defense departments across the globe to put a stop to potential battles as these only lead to disasters and put many innocent lives at risk.
In order to gain upper hand in a combat by modifying and executing the concept in such a way that it effectively disrupts enemy supply chain, exhaustive study of opposition operations is a fundamental requirement. This will not only make significant accounts in the military but also in the general details of history.


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