Holistic & Anti-Aging Treatments

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Holistic & Anti-Aging Treatments

Thailand has treatments to suit everyone’s preferences and needs, from the ancient to the modern, as well as from the traditional to the alternative.

Holistic health is concerned with integrating all aspects of one’s life into a healthy whole. For example, rather than prescribing a bag of pills, a holistic practitioner will meet and discuss all the different elements of a person’s life before making any recommendations. These recommendations often focus on the integration of a person’s lifestyle, diet, fitness and stress management procedures.

Typically, they will try to induce the person’s body to heal itself, rather than resorting to the ‘modern’ practice of pharmaceutical treatments. Often, recommendations are made to detoxify and cleanse the body through diet, exercise, healthy habits, natural nutritional supplements, and in the beginning, perhaps colonics or hydrotherapy to rid the body of its accumulated toxins.

Since they play a key role in one’s general well-being, holistic medicine goes even further by bringing emotions into the picture as having an influence on one’s physical well-being; recognizing that everything is connected and interrelated.

Treatments might include yoga, meditation, dance and music therapy, or other calming therapies such as walking therapy and mindfulness. Many health resorts and wellness retreats, in addition to private consultants throughout Thailand, can be found practicing holistic medicine and therapy.

Among the newer and rapidly increasing facilities in Thailand are those offering ‘anti-aging’ or ‘longevity’ treatments. These centers perform thorough assessments of an individual’s body, including complete blood counts, blood chemistry, urinalysis, as well as micronutrient level analysis. In some places, heavy metal toxicity, as well as hormone and inflammatory panels are assessed.

You might also receive total fitness and body composition assessments in addition to detailed cardiac function testing. More specialized facilities offer genomic assessments nowadays, along with extremely sophisticated lab tests. This ensures doctors and specialists can present a deeply personalized analysis offering a new approach to living a longer, healthier life.

Post-evaluation treatments will often include a special dietary regime and exercise program, nutritional supplements and bio-identical hormones, as well as skincare products and other lifestyle prescriptions.

One of the more famous holistic and anti-aging clinics in Thailand is Add-life Anti-Aging Center, where American Board Certified doctors in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine use modern, state-of-the-art equipment and technology to analyze one’s condition to treat age-related decline.

A visit to such a centre will illuminate you with regard to your specific biological makeup and needs, advising you as to the best diet for your body, which nutrients you need most, as well as specific hormones that can contribute to restoring youthfulness; a truly rejuvenating experience.


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