Changing Ways and Missing You

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This one isn’t so much a poem or a paragraph. It is just something that is decribing a feeling of how some people feel and don’t know how to express it.

She was always empty
and forever looking for a fill,
but nothing ever sustained. Always
running to something new but
comfortable in her life. Forever
being disappointed and let down
by everyone around her and
by herself. Trying to fill
a void that has always been
there but she always looked
in the wrong places. She
should’ve been looking to
herself to fill it because no
one else can. She’s been wronged
bu so many, but wronged
herself twice as much. Now
she is going to change
those old ways. Not going to
try and please others, but
instead please herself
and focus on the aura
inside of her. No man can
fill the emptiness that has been
left another. No intimate meetings
can fill the hole that has been there.
Now she is independent and
looking towards herself
for the answers she needs.

I miss your warm, soft, calming body
that I love to hug and hold. It’s relaxing
to be holding and near the man that embody’s
the key to my heart. Your eyes are soothing
to my soul that can tell how much love
you have for me. Which shows the most
outward expansion of devotion seen yet out of
all of them. Which means a lot to me. We’re close
in away never thought possible. I miss those
lips that take me from reality to fantasy
so quickly that my thoughts start to compose
our future together. The high quality is ecstasy
to my brain that cannot handle our power
together because it is so strong. The love
we have is special in a way that people sour
at how good we are together. Our jubilee
is something our friends wish we didn’t flaunt.
You are my fantasy I’ve been waiting for
and you’re everything I could ever want.


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