How to adjust your behavior

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 Many times I have come across some event and certain people that can cause me to feel a change of my attitude. The emotions start to churn in my head and stomach not knowing where they come from. Then I realize, Hey they/it is making me feel this way.
Stop and realize who is in charge here. By them/it causing you to change the way you feel they are controlling your life. Okay, who is in charge of your life, it is you, and they/it are affecting it. Tell yourself to take charge of your emotions and not let them/it change your attitude.

 Realize that this event/person is overriding your attitude, causing you to get mad, upset, anxious, frustrated and all those other weird feelings that you do not like.
Stop, take a few deep breaths, analyze the situation and tell yourself , all things are temporary and things will pass. Tell yourself that you will not let exterior circumstances or other people control your attitude.

Remember YOU are in charge of your attitude, not others. Are you a puppet to their manipulation, can you look beyond the present into the future. Do you have underlying circumstances that cause this….if so fix them. Are you feeling guilty of something…if so go get rid of that guilty feeling. Right a wrong. Are you jealous, shake that off and become yourself.
You are yourself, be yourself. Do not let the environment control your attitude. Take charge, stand up TO yourself. Become free.


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