The suffering and Light as a Feather

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She’s the one who tries to keep it cool.
She keeps everything she has hidden
and nothing can be shown or she feels like a fool.
Maybe that is why she has become smitten
towards her life. No one can come close to her
or else she backs out scared. Only one has
been so close to her and she felt free.
That time though has passed
on to where it is hard to find.
There is this wall up that she will not
let anyone climb. All the emotions combined
area slippery mess. She has fought
a lot in her days. A tear falls
because of the unknown exhausted pain
hidden within this girl. Someone calls
to her but she runs and hides in vain.
All she is an illusion,
You can see but cannot touch
her heart because of the confusion.
She wishes so much
to be back to the way she was
when things were clearer and she knew
where she was going, but all this fuss
happened and she longer knows
how anyone can love someone so blue.

He changed me some how.
He changed how I felt
and how I act around him.
Things that mattered before, do not
matter that much anymore.
I wish it to be like before. To know
how it feels to be special
and dear to someone’s heart
once again. To love some one once
more with pride and joy. To be able to
love someone who doesn’t care about
your flaws because they already
know all of them. To love and be
loved is the greatest thing in the world
to have. He has helped
show me that and much more
in just a short amount of time.
It all is coming back to me. To care
and not rush. There will be much greater things to
come out of it. Show me that the feelings
between us are the same. Please show
me that I can fall and not get
hurt this time around. This girl can loose
hope on guys if there are too many bad ones
out there. I think maybe I am falling already…


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