How to sell your homemade items.

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 In these times of financial uncertainty more and more people are turning to buying and selling locally. With all the consumer product scares, recalls and such, more people are turning to buying more organic items. Organically items as soap, candles and fruits and vegetables are local hot selling items.

 One of the easiest and least expensive ways to advertise on your local craigslist and other local free publications. Setting up an eBay store is also an easy way to sell your wares. Remember on eBay you have fees for listing and selling. Doing these two methods I would suggest selling multiple items or in lots, people send to buy in quantity when shipping is involved.

 When the weather gets better there are a lot of farmers/saturday markets that are around the local areas. Church bazaars is another place that focuses on homemade items. When the holiday season arrives look for all the local markets. If you are close to a tourist attraction or resort, check and see if they have any functions that they put on by local vendors. Fees are involved here, as well as annual memberships, but they are worth it because local people become familiar with your item. Start at these smaller events and work up to the local fairs and festivals.

 When working with the directors of these events remember they have rules and regulations that they set up and HAVE to be followed. Work with them not against them. If you have to have a licensed facility to make your product, do so. If you have to have insurance, get it. There is a small circle of people who run these events and how a vendor works with them as well as others get around the circle.

 Always have a label on your merchandise, or a way that the public can get a hold of you. Business cards with a contact number or email address.

 When at these shows, show pride in your product as well as yourself. If some one does not much care for your product, let them state their case and move on. Do not get into a verbal disagreement with them in front of other customers. A joyful vendor sells more product.


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