Yummy Low Fat Diet

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When I returned from the doctor and told my wife that my cholesterol is too high he was afraid. He made the decision that we will either change our diet immediately. He discarded a pizza, potato chips and all kinds of greasy food from our home. I told him I was willing to give some things, but we’re not going to spend our Golden Years gnawing on cardboard. He started looking around and finally come up with a diet that will help me and still give pleasure.

I was skeptical at first, but have faith in the greatness of my wife in the kitchen, I hold their own. I still believe that I would lose something fun in my life. I could not be more wrong. I’ve lost nothing! In fact, we eat better now than we ever did in the past.

Replaced orange juice coffee at the breakfast table. Dismissed blueberry pancakes bacon and sausage. Omelet (sans yellow) with fresh vegetables began to appear. By day, I’ll eat an orange or ice milk mix experiments with a new version of the drink frothy smoothie. Dinner, which was fun in the past turned into a five star event as my wife replaced salt with fresh herbs and spices and pork with skinless chicken or fish. Crunchy steamed vegetables become a welcome addition to dinner.

My wife became very skilled at this new dish dinner party we were the talk of the town. Our friends would often tell him that he is a better cook than the people who work in the $ 100-a-plate companies. During the summer months, I get to try my hand out to the barbecue. Sausages, hot dogs and burgers are made with chicken or turkey just asking you to discover exciting new flavor to combine them with. If you have not tried it again, I suggest you try at least one turkey burger guacamole.

I’ve been back to the doctor several times, because that determines the check-ups and he was always surprised by the improvement in my level. I’ve not only managed to get out of the “risk”, but I’ve lost 15 pounds and have more energy than before.

Do not believe that you should sacrifice your enjoyment of food to lower your cholesterol. My diet is delicious and inventive, and so also can you can. If happiness depends on a full stomach than I am the happiest man in the world.


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