A Wall and Getting to know someone

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My mind is drawing a blank
with what I should do.
Most of the time it feels like I’m walking the plank
into a bood bath pool.
I feel like my mind is being messed
with; day in and day out. My feelings
are something that can not confess
what they feel deep within. I feel like I’m dealing
cards in life and seem to be loosing the game
of love & prosper. I’ve known fame
in humility and heartbreak, but always bounce back
from that demolition of boys being insecure.
Please listen to what I’m saying because it’s fact
not fiction. I don’t know when someone will be the cure
for all this confusion and destruction
in my life, but for now I’ll sit by the phone until
some will show them self to my with their protection
and promise of my heart. Nothing will be too fatal
to me in my life. I will understand and move on
like I always do because I am not a stupid pon.

You say you want to know a girl
but do you know that most of the time
that this girl wants to hurl?
She always seems to be a mime
in this world and no one seems to
notice her for who she is. Always being
guilty and always finding things that make her blue.
The life she leads at home is a different feeling
that the one at school. At home she is the good
girl, supposedly. At school either everyone hates
her or have no opinion of her mood.
“In the end all you can depend on is fate
to steer you in the right direction”, she says.
For several years she’s had a boy in
her life, but now she’s trying to stay
clear of them. All that ends up happening
is that they break her heart.


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