How to act your wage

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 First of all set down and see how much income you have coming in per month. Just because your job pays $2000 a month does not mean you are taking home that amount per month. Then check your bills, hopefully they are less than your income. If not then there are some adjustments you need to make. If your bills are less than what you make then you are lucky, that is the amount extra that you have for entertainment or just save.

 Just because you have a credit card does not mean you have that much to spend. Remember you have to pay all that back…WITH INTREST. Check and see what extra you have left after your budget is figured out. Then try not to spend over that. That way you can pay off the credit card that month, without having to pay the interest. Interest is a killer.

 Finally, DO NOT OVERSPEND, stay within your budget. Are those extra things you need/have, needs or greeds. Wait until you have enough saved to pay for the item you want in cash and do not have to pay interest on it. Keeping up with the “Jone’s” will bankrupt you. The more credit cards you have the more you will have to pay back. Ask yourself this question…”Do I really need it now”. If the answer is no then you do not need it, until you need it, then you can buy it.

 Learning to live with out all the new gadget as well as all the fancy extras in life will make acting your wage possible.


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