The Eternal Happiness and Internal Crying

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Wash me with your soul
Clense me with your spirit
Do not let it get foul.
Just hold me in your arms
Touch me gentley,
With your passionate Kiss.
Fill me with all you are,
Strip me of everything I am.
Lay down every bit of you,
Lay ontop everything heavy.
Spread everything out around us,
Put everything inside and out.
Kiss a passionate kiss,
That will send me to sleep.

There’s been very few
who have been there for me.
One that I can call when blue
and crying. One that has the key
to my heart but doesnt know it.
Someone that is my best friend
that i can trust. No one seems to fit
in my life as much as you. You bend
me ways I never thought I could.
Open my eyes to a personality I never
thought I had. You really should
open your eyes to more. Such great laughter every
time I am with you. Everytime in your
presence I cannot help but feel joy
and laughter. Every time you pin me to the floor
I get this over whelming of not wanting a decoy
to another boy. I want to kiss you
and be with you. That’s not a possiblilty though
because I’m just your trusted fool.
I’m tired of going with the flow


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