Looking for an iPod Alternative? Check Out the Zune 30GB

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Almost everyone has a mp3 player these days or has at least heard of them. I have owned a Microsoft 30 g Zune for a year and a half roughly. In this review I will share my thoughts and experience on this device to help other consumers make an informed buying decision before they purchase an mp3 player.

I loved my Zune from the moment I received it as a gift. It is pink, it has a large screen for video viewing, the device is easy to operate, although it can be confusing for someone who has never had any experience with a mp3 player. I did not love that there is no included instruction manual.

I was impressed with the memory, on a 30 g model you can store 7500 songs and supposedly 100 hours of video, the device also has capabilities for storing photos, it can connect to other devices with its wireless capabilities. The Microsoft Zune has a built in FM radio and the ability to play games such as checkers, Texas hold ’em and sudoku.

What I did not like about the Zune is as follows: I did not like that many formats of media are not supported, everything must be in a FMV mp3 format. I was never able to add anywhere near 100 hours of video, after 7 videos I would end up replacing my old videos with new ones I attempted to sync to the device. I was not impressed with the customer support offered by Microsoft for the device. For the hefty price tag I was not impressed with the device in general. I have had many issues with my Zune. Three times I have had to delete all content and start over due to a malfunction with the device. After I lost 700 songs and called to inquire about recovering my content I was told to just pay $15 a month and download songs from their site via the Zune pass.

Before making a decision to purchase a Microsoft Zune I would encourage you to pursue less expensive devices that are available on the market. The Zune is a handsome device that is quite unique but it has many issues that make it a less than desirable device to personally own. You may have heard about the Great Leap Tear Crash which affected almost every 30 GB Zune on New Years Eve of 2008. Aside from that, the device will malfunction after the warranty expires rendering it utterly worthless and useless.


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