Victoria Beckham in flip-flops and baggy jeans

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This is so surprising! This is another history in the making…(hahaha) Victoria Beckham wears flip-flops and a baggy jeans. This is the first time I’ve seen her wear flip-flops… so not her, right? Let’s compare it to her signature look.

Victoria Beckham in her oh-so-high heels!!!




As a public figure, the lady Beckham managed to maintain her celebrity status to the highest level even after phenomenal success of Spice Girls.  I would assume that this is just one of her constant gimmick to get the attention of the people and that people will neve stop talking about her.

Although one thing is for sure, her stick-like figure will always be the best-selling topic to talk about when we speak of Victoria Beckham.

Not to mention, her killer high-heels are so fabulous; every woman would love to have at least a couple of them.  Just a word of advice to Victoria, give your lovely feet a rest from those killer high-heels.  It’s so nice to see you in that baggy jeans and lovely pair of flip-flops.


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