Food in Popular Culture

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You gotta hand it to the fine folks at the Golden Arches-they sure know their Marketing. They orchestrate all manner of excitement over a slab of pork ribs nestled comfortably between two hot dog buns and Voila! hordes of people find themselves mindlessly running  to their local restaurants in order to be the first to re-experience the return of the McRib. Has the American Public become too gullible, too simplistic and child-like? I hope not.

I must admit I was a bit of a naysayer about this McRib sandwhich too. That is until my pal and I took a  trip and picked up some quick eats at the Golden Arches. Protocol dictates that you gotta have some bona fide junk food before a football game-in our case we got to watch the mighty Texans crush their long-time rivals, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Anyways I was watching the game and eating the McRib as well as the piping-hot fries when my friend informed me that the proper way to do it(like they do in Philly) is to insert a big handful of fries into your sandwich. Fair Enough. I must say, it was a devil of a good idea. The sauce on that McRib is what makes the sandwich in my opinion. Go out and try one for yourself-give the Diet a rest for a day or so…

As I was enjoying the sandwich a strange thought popped into my head: Why don’t the fine chefs at McDonald’s try a similar sandwich only with Tuna instead? Sure it would probably be gross…initially. But with enough tweaking and reworking and stealthily inserting some beef and pork, the sandwich could possibly even become edible? Nah, it would never work. It’s just that Tuna seems to be a healthier meat; unfortunately all anyone ever does is slather  mayonnaise all over it as a condiment. Tuna has never really ever been a cool meat-it just doesn’t elicit the same type of excitement as cooking up a batch of Jerk Wings for your boozy pals. It is the Ned Flanders of the Meat Family. Tuna definitely needs Salvation-that’s for sure.


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