Jasper’s Gourmet Backyard Cuisine – 9595 – 6 Pines Dr – The Woodlands, TX 77380

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For my birthday last year, I received a $40 gift certificate. Trust me when I tell you, that you will use every penny of it. I was excited to try this establishment out. I had not yet given this restaurant a whirl. Unlike some folks. Sometimes, I kind of like to have a relaxing evening to myself and thought, why not just pamper myself?

The establishment is in the middle of the Woodlands Market Street Center. Where there are wondrous shops to peruse, that will put a little bit of a dent into your purse strings. Right in the middle of the establishment, is a courtyard, where live bands and other events take place. Jasper’s happens to be right in front of the square. Adjacent to the square is also a movie theater. The buildings are made of an antique “old world” type of decor. It’s like being in it’s own private world. 

This particular night was on a Thursday. A live jazz band was playing. I was going to get a table outdoors and enjoy the band. When I arrived, I had to 86 that idea pretty quickly, because crowd control, was of the necessity! It took me a couple of minutes just to find the entrance to the restaurant. The noise was so deafening! I definitely wasn’t going to let my evening succumb to it’s insanity!

Upon entering the restaurant. You are greeted with an outside bar, that is buzzing with about as much activity, as a newly formed beehive at a family reunion! An additional bar is located on the inside, off to the left of the entrance. Due to the activity that evening, it was difficult to take mental note of all the amenities within this restaurant.

Oddly enough… A gentleman came up to me and told me that he was going to go use the restroom. Which was fine by me. I had no objections. I later realized that he thought that I was one of the waitstaff. He was waiting for a table and didn’t want to lose his spot in the line. For me the issue didn’t apply. (The waiting. Not the peeing.) There is something to be said, when you request a table for one. The opportunities to squeeze a single diner, into the most remote parts of the dining area, is endless.

I entered the dining hall and it was softly lit with candles and dimmers. Not very private though. I was lucky enough to sit in a booth, with no one on either side of me. As I watched the waitstaff scurry by. The atmosphere was very pleasant, but yet extremely busy. It was difficult to even hear the jazz band playing in the courtyard. So I decided to engulf myself with checking my emails and playing games on my cell phone, until my meal arrived.

Oh, by the way? I ordered the Pan Seared Salmon with Creamy Mascarpone Polenta and Jumbo Asparagus. Oh my! What words could I properly use to describe this cuisine? I know… Sinfully delicious! With every morsel I bit into, my taste palate was singing the “Hallelujah Chorus!” Man…was that salmon tasty! And the asparagus were seasoned and cooked at just the right flavor and consistency. I have never tried polenta before, but after this night, I was hooked. It tasted a lot like grits and since I have been a grits fan all my life. It wasn’t hard to adapt to the taste.

Along with my meal. I ordered this scrumptious martini. I wished that I could remember the name of it? All I know is that it had sugar around the glass rim. The other thing I remember, is that it was listed towards the bottom of the menu. Not much to go on… huh?  

The waitstaff was very pleasant, and the manager came by my table to ask me of my experience? Which I replied by giving a 5 star rating for their service and food. I took one star off, due to the noise factor and crowd control. In actuality. Is it their fault that the food is so good, that even on a Thursday evening it’s packed like a sardine can? Not hardly…

This restaurant offers everything from seafood, pork, rotisserie chicken, and steaks. All of them cooked to perfection and flavored with such precision; like a fine tuned instrument. Mozart would be so proud. But oh! Would he be singing the blues once he got his tab. Ouch! Mama hurt me! This place is expensive! Remember when I told you that I would use every penny of that $40 gift card? Well…I did. My tab came to $40.15 to be exact and that didn’t even include the tip. All I ordered was my main course and a martini. Funny that I can remember the price of the tab and not the ingredients in the martini? I guess you can say that there are no worries about driving home intoxicated? The tab alone will sober you up really quick! So…if you are on a restricted budget? You may need some time to save up for this. Here is my advice. I say…do it! Let your hair down! Give up some of those “happy meals” and splurge! The experience is worth trying at least once!  


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