La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe – The Woodlands, TX

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This French inspired bakery & café can hold it’s own, amongst all the cafes out there, characterized as “ordinary!”  They are so…”je ne sais quoi”…  

They are very reliable if you are looking to get a quick bite. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They offer everything from pastries, soups, salads, French sandwiches and even pizza!!!  

The cafeteria style service, offers the patrons a “quick” getaway, f they are lookin’ to “lickidy split” to a business meeting, pick up the kids at school or just have too much to do to sit and relax in this faux-French country decor.

If you want a definite twist to a review, here is a little bit of history that I researched about this chain.  A Frenchman created the chain that was originally from Loire Valley.  This place serves French specialties that can’t be found in Paris or even Lyons!  They say that this is a good thing, because if you happen to “disfigure” the French pronunciation of a dish they are not likely to send your head to the gallows!!!

One of the dishes that La Madeleine is known for, is their “well seasoned” Caesar Salad.  This salad was actually created and imported from Tijuana, Mexico.  Get this salad with either chicken or salmon and you’ve got one scrumptious meal to fill your taste pallet!!!  

Most patrons frequent La Madeleine, because of their tasty soups and salads. The thing that I like about La Madeleine’s is that you can inspect the food and try before you buy!  Many times if you ask for a taste, they will give you a little snip of it. Now…if you are wanting to taste their “pot pies”…you’re outta luck.  No chance on them breakin’ the crust open for you to ascertain a little nibble.  What are they going to tell the next guy, if you decide not to buy? Oh…I’m sorry sir/madam…we have an “in-house” mouse that checks out our inventory before it’s sold!!!  Uggghhh!!!  Spit!!!  Spat!!!  Spit!!! Spat!!!  …on that!!!  Don’t be wantin’ to go there!!!  You will have to train your nostrils to savor the aroma and to journey up through the nostrils & down through the pipes of your throat and let it steep through your taste pallets! Now that’s a trip you don’t want to be takin’ every day!!!

If you are in love with soups, there is one that needs a really BIG yelp!!!  “Tomato Basil Soup” is one of their most popular items.  It’s creamy robust flavor and as the menu states…”it is redolent of pureed tomatoes, cream, butter and topped with fresh basil”…is all that and more!!!  This is one soup you might have to check into the “Betty Ford” clinic for, cause it is definitely “addictive”…especially if you add some freshly ground pepper, along with some of their savory breads.

Another other daily soup offered is…yes you guessed it…their very flavorful “French Onion Soup.” It’s about what you can expect from their extraordinary flavorful menu!

Now if you can’t leave without satisfying your sweet tooth, you must check out their array of tarts, cookies, cakes, éclairs, and muffins…(oh my goodness…it’s hard to remember them all!)…but there is at least one that I won’t forget and that is their “Viennese Sacher Torte.” There is nothing more to say…this torte…speaks for itself!

So…if you are out and about, trying to find another place to yelp about… Check La Madeleine’s out. It will keep you a “yelpin’ ” fool!!!  It has me…


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