How to Instantly Watch a Netflix Movie Online

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If you don’t already have one, you will need a Netflix account. Netflix is a great service that offers plans which range from $4.99 per month to $47.99 per month. In order to sign up, you’ll need to log on to their website (, pick a plan, enter your billing and payment info, then add your movies into your viewing list (queue). Netflix will begin shipping your movies to you from that queue. If you choose any one of the unlimited accounts you will have access to instant online movie viewing for select movies. There is everything from timeless classics to current, syndicated, and off air t.v. shows, informative and celebrated documentaries, and blockbuster movies. You will never run out of selections to view online.

Once you have signed up with Netflix you will be ready to go. The first think you’ll need to do is log in to the Netflix homepage. From the homepage you will see six (6) yellow tinted tabs at the top of the page. The very second tab is labled “Watch Instantly”, this is the tab you’ll want to click. Directly underneath the “Watch Instantly” tab you’ll see another tab labled “genres” for those who don’t already know, a film’s genre is its classification, ie: horror, comedy, documentary, gay & Lesbian, romance, etc. When you hover over the “genres” tab with your mouse for a second, a drop down menu will appear. This tab will allow you to choose the type of movie or t.v. show you want to see. When you click onto your preferred genre you will be taken to another page which will bring you to a myriad of choices of movies to watch in your chosen category. Click on the movie you’d like to see, once you click that movie, you will be given a choice to “Add” it to your mail delivery queue, “Add to your Instant queue” (for online viewing later), or you may click on “Play” to view your choice immediately.

After you have clicked the “Play” button, you can view your selection immediately. The next screen you will see will be a black screen with white writing that will tell you that Netflix is “determining your video quality”. It should last about a couple of seconds before the next screen will become visible. This next screen will allow you to download Netflix’s movie player software, once you click on “Install Now” it should take less than a minute to download. Click on “run” twice and that should do it, but if it tells you that you need to download more components go ahead and click “yes”. The next screen will be a reapeat of “Determining your Videos Quality”, but this time it will work almost immediately. After that is done your selection will begin to play. Now, you can sit back and enjoy your Netflix selection without having to wait for it to arrive in the mail.


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