Collection And Insemination Synthetic Pasture Field Day .

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The first teaser doe not want to participate in the exercise and refused to tease the big bucks wagging tail, it was not in good standing of the heat. Another doe was put on the stand in a head-catcher and seemed a little more interested in male camaraderie. But the primary responsibility to be collected were not really interested in it! Hercules was brought to the scene to provide competition to the money of others. Discussion Hercules Whoop Whoop-love goes around and buck first, owned by Jimmy and Jenna Martin of Cornersville, Tennessee, has successfully collected.

Next summer tour of Hercules. Yes! (Yes that’s the point of view of Hercules. We often think of folding a 8-month-old and a boy of 18, were both the same thing on their minds.) Hercules wasted no time to perform for the public to see this process. The first sample was good (about 27 straws), but we decided to give a second chance Hercules.

The Enhancer II had 48 flaws with 80% after thawing. According to Nancy Masterman, starting with 150 million sperm, and thus a 80% post-thaw provides 120 million viable sperm per straw. The industry “standard” 60000000 sperm believes necessary to fertilize an egg.We have learned firsthand the importance of having collected his semen Buck in November 2002. Our flock of young father managed to hang their horns in a barbed wire fence, trying to pass underneath. After what must have been a long and fruitless struggle with the fence, Enhancer (Male) was finally abandoned. We do not know how long it has been placed on the ground, but when we went to see the goats about 22 hours, was firmly established with a sheet of frozen mouth. We have brought to the farm and called the vet. Boost spending 10 days in the animal clinic. He had suffered from hypothermia, which left him with a swollen brain. We agreed to pull the plug on life support. Unfortunately, he had received no straw of semen enhancer I. When the six began high no joke, we realized what a really great Boer goat man we lost.

When Robert Spencer, Alabama A & M University Research Center for small farmers told us we had to organize a collection of Buck and the AI ​​workshop in the fall, we jumped at the opportunity to participate and to be our two fathers herd Enhancer II and Hercules, were collected. Veteran’s Day Early in the morning loaded dollars in the trailer and drove to Fayetteville, TN.


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