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Before you look at the software provides two things you need to know, a good mastering and mixing are two different principles, both come at different times before the final CD.

It comes before the mixture is where you take all the audio files to do and have fun with it, which is the appropriate model and design the right audio track.

Audio Mastering is steam rolling everything that has been mixed, making everything feel smooth and tight. This includes joining all tracks on the disc, reducing the time and the same volume, in particular.

That said, the software of today are proving to be able to offer both at the same time, the features also live. So it’s easy to get best of both worlds, if you do not know where to look.

Record audio mastering
Most of the final song touches are made at this stage. This includes:

Create the right order of the songs that appear in Final Cut
Conversion of audio in the final, or the master module, depending on whether you want to master CD or MP3 for online submission
Using techniques of noise reduction to eliminate unwanted noise spikes or static
Adjust the volume of all tracks in the balance and limits the maximum volume of a song
The whole process is the post-production.

Best Software for burning audio

This revision of the three best software for burning audio, I’ve used so far.

Sound Forge
The most important things about this product from Sony Creative Software goals are speed control and complete. Its simplicity and ingenuity will give you the speed and accuracy have to do is drive through any of the audio editing. Its output files are fully loaded 24/32/64-bit 192 kHz audio quality. This means that all the soft sounds can be lost for the rest can be easily included Sound Forge. The songs are editing a simple “cut-copy-paste” Windows-style user interface. Drag and drop controls and precise all the sound effects (is about 40 effects processor) to give a lot of freedom for more than a simple and comfortable look of the screen of the software.

Media Management
Sound Forge is still effective in the methods of noise reduction, removing peak and fade. Version 10 offers a very easy to play with the loops of acid. It provides editing functions such as the more standard dynamics, chorus, delay / echo, distortion, pitch, reverb, vibrato and hammer wave before the 40 available effects.

Best Picture
Timestretch included in many versions of Sound Forge. Helps to effectively extend the audio tracks without changing pitch, which control the pitch and time independently.

Sound Forge does not give good enough to display a scaling amplitude. It is quite difficult to get it done. Version 10 is not much new features of Sound Forge 9 Pro is also quite expensive at $ 319, so if you want to keep it simple studio is, stick with freeware. I do not think Sound Forge is money.

Ableton Live
It is in the name. Direct means that you can do things as they occur, and add effects, change track wins, no matter what your style is revolutionary. ‘Live’ is one of the best things that happens to any music scene anywhere. I like the strength and efficiency of the drop, not only increases the production point of any live music. It is one of the only software that works with you, rather than given a delivery truck and forgotten features. Ease of use is of concern, given the number of features it offers.

Media Management
Ableton Live is crying experiment. This was not originally intended for conventional mastering purposes. And ‘more flexible for people who want to produce the soundtrack for anything they want. No compromise. It works with most formats, including WAV, WMA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC, and MP4 too. It can operate without additional investment in hardware, in addition to the bases, and provide a perfect cohesion of those that are offered. Manufacturer Ableton cycle is a cycle may be one of the best business decision-makers. Simple, efficient and give you a feel of a real analog-style loops.

The best feature
This should be usability. It comes with manuals and guides, including full technical support. It’s going very, very handy if you take a closer look at all the features of Live.

Despite its ease of use, has too many features for simple productions, especially in the studio. He needs a good performance in your computer, and can not work in some RAM PC. Location may require an analysis of the formats to follow every time you download everything in it, working longer. In fact, the format conversion is not very easy to live, most of which offer free software. The problem is that the software costs $ 329 to $ 499, which combined with its extensive functionality, means that it is the majority of buyers in a more professional or master through.

Hands down one of the best audio mastering software for home there. This open source (which means it is free!) Editor starts with maximum compatibility with all platforms, Windows, Apple or Linux, compared to others. It works on most audio formats, WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG, even. Recording options include a baseline (external audio source or microphone) or directly via a sound card.

Media Management
Because of their desire to work with external recording source, it becomes easier to transfer vinyl records or cassettes to your computer in MP3 format (or any other format supported). At the same time, Audacity offers one of the best and easiest ways to improve the capture and overlap with others. You can easily add, for example, an echo on track 1, to reduce the tempo of the track 2 to coincide with the first layer in the battery and get a smooth crossfade into the next track or something. The quality of each of the individual layers, it is easy to get a better noise reduction.

Best Picture
Audacity is the crowning achievement is its ability to track editing. It is very easy to understand and quickly in the hands of someone who does. Whether it’s a simple cut and paste tracks to download podcasts or add a video or mix them with the precision of a professional software, Audacity is on top.

What it lacks
But there are two drawbacks to Audacity – total ergonomics and downloading / editing. If you simply track editing, look no further than this. If you try a more professional, you can take a little longer for you to understand the subtleties of Audacity. The main fault lies in the final additions. Audacity just does not have the means to download a track directly over the Internet. But still good compared to what it gives.

Being a musician myself, when I want to record a simple guitar-voice track, what I do is balance the guitar in one trip, to record vocals on the other hand, the smooth and the layers in place . If I need to register with my group, I prefer the bold, not only because it is free because it’s great. It is simply the first and last freeware you have to go to sound editing.


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