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The quality assurance program is a voluntary use of good manufacturing practice following the rule established in the industry. Promote animal health and food safety to ensure the drugs and the proper use of antibiotics, and provide records to ensure buyers of good production practices. Using a computer program created for this purpose, we recorded all drug cases. In the page of each animal, data entry, to include the date of medicines for all movements (and dose), vermifuge (anthelmintic and the amount used), or other medications. We use a spreadsheet to capture medical data before entry.

The Documents printed from the program and the cooperation we have with Alabama A & M Food Safety Coordinator, Robert Spencer, gave us the confidence to follow recommended practices for food safety and quality assurance. This knowledge allows us to be sure that we deliver a product that is sure if we directly market our goats to sell locally or to a livestock auction rooms where they can be found in the northeastern U.S., where large amounts of goat meat consumed.

We value education program for food security goat farmers, the information the program provides, and the cooperation we have had. We look forward to working with Alabama A & M for years to come. Phase of animal production food safety practices include animal identification and premises and the management of patient records, the well-documented use of antibiotics, biologics, and pesticides, and food quality and water and security.

Food safety practices include good sanitation, animal waste, bio-security (both internal and external), and a quality assurance program. Several areas of concern for risk management include bacteria, toxins, parasites and viruses. We strive, in cooperation with our vet to follow all applicable local, state and federal regulations pertaining to agriculture.

As goat producers worried about the longevity of the goat industry, we want to link the benefits we have received as a result of this program. We are a husband-wife team and has been in business for nearly goat five years. As goat producers, it was difficult to find resources and technical assistance. We consider this program and technical assistance program provides information resources and a marketing tool. A direct result of participating in this program are the buyers of our goats.


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