The How-To when it comes to expensive clothes, money, and parents

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So: you’ve come to the right article. This will teach you everything you need to know about buying these clothes.

First off, your probably a teen (dont worry; i ‘m one too) and your “main income” is whatever you can scrape off of your parents + all the spare change that you find. Not exactly enough to live on, is it? Well, here are some other ways to make enoguh $ to get decent clothes without helping the recession.

Here are a few tips to making enough $ to buy good clothes:

Post more on this site; it helps. Even though I’m pretty new myself, it seems that this is a great way for “revenue”. (although it seems like it only pays in paypal).

Then, if your the artsy type, download photoshop and learn how to use it. Gimp is great too. Then, find tutorials on Myspace templates and you can start designing yourself to more money. Also, check out and, where you can design shirts and set up your own store to sell them.

Also, a great way is to make flyers for babysitting, yardwork, and car washing. These are easy to do, and a lot of people need help. Just don’t give your addresses (just yet) until you can be sure that the person (s) are trustworthy. But you have to be interactive! And nice! Or, you will NEVER EVER get the job. EVER. Also, it might be helpful to take a course on babysitting from red cross, or cpr classes. Make sure you have your certificate at hand.

Now that you know ways to make money, let’s talk about your parents. If yours aere like mine, they will say things like,:

“Is that what your wearing?”

“Labels don’t matter, honey.”

“Where’s the sale section?”

“$20? Are you crazy? For that thin shirt? No, absolutly not!”

Then, after you buy it, they say:

“Well, if that’s how your going to spend the money we give to you, then we might have to cut back on your allowance.”

That leaves you no choice. But, your parents really just want the best for you, and think that your getting ripped off. So, when they go into obnoxious parent mode try these things:

” Okay, but can we splitthe cost 50/50?” (this always works)

“But I need it! I’m growing, and I have to get new clothes!” (or other such excuses)

” Labels may seem stupid, but that’s how the society works now. Maybe we can go the (name cheaper, non label store here) later? I just want to see what’s in the store.”

And, if worst comes to worst say,

“Lets go to the clearance rack.” ( look for something you like.)

If the “clearence rack” is where you always end up shopping heres a tip: go right after one season ends (spring to summer for example) or during a holiday. Usually stores like Hollister and Abercrombie will have larger clearence. For example, I got a knitted hoodie from Hollister for $14 right before Spring. What a deal!

Hope this helps 🙂



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