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One of the forgotten places can, the dealers you will find information on the future direction of the Forex pairs are the various financial markets around the world. Most forex traders simply due to the rigid currency pairs, around the world totally blind to it, and that there are a variety of reasons, to transfer money from one of the international boundary to another.
This is a very common problem in the forex, if they are brought into this world, provided that the Forex, where all their money to be made. They are often the biggest impact of the forex offers and lured to the “simple” market out there. Therefore, he has much more clear signal that the professionals pay attention to the whole world forgot to be happy.
By knowing some of the correlations, one can often signals and other markets before you see the terminal in the Forex. As an example, the gold market is often a pro-active and reactive moves in Australian dollars. This is simply because Australia exports large quantities of gold. If you think about it, it makes sense, since these companies have to pay Australian miners in Australian dollars. Just as gold rises in the rule for the Australian dollar as well.
Another market trader should pay their attention to the crude oil market. Crude oil futures market often have a major impact on the Canadian dollar. This is because Canada exports as much oil in the world, with particular emphasis on the United States. Therefore, as the oil price rises, the value of the USD / CAD pair is – which of course means to strengthen the Canadian currency. This is double the damage to the oil market has been brought is listed in dollars. To calculate the value of the dollar, we need more of them to buy the barrels of oil.
Often, my bp is a good indicator of the risk management. In other words, such as gains on world markets – which of course signals that the dealer has not to do such a risk, value tends to fall in the yen. The main reason is that many large institutions to lend to the Japanese yen financing, and investing abroad, in countries with higher returns. As these institutions feel nervous about the market, they often bring money back to Japan to pay off these short-term loans. This is essentially what was the so-called “carry trade” is all about.
By knowing a few of these correlations, it can often be the anomaly in certain markets before the second. For example, if you see gold break the resistance, is a very good chance that you will rise in value of the Australian dollar to see. Or maybe you see the price of crude oil declined. If it breaks through the support of the dollar has generally appreciates in value against the Canadian dollar. As you can see, these are the trading signals, and by itself, but a good way to get a “heads up”, where the detective trade setups in the foreign exchange market.


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