A Guide on How to Write an Seo Oriented Article

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People like it because they are articles written by other people and not organizations. People want to know what you think, personal experience and knowledge. Best way is “Writing and explore yourself.” Tell them exactly what they think, what you experienced and redefine another point of view.

You will find thousands of references in the search engines screaming – How to write good article. Let me explain what I’ve picked up tips:

Its content is the magnet
The quality of the article you write is the most important factor when it comes to search for the article optimized. Give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words. Time is finite and people are infinitely busy. Explosion of knowledge in this article very lonely.

Article 350 words is enough to explore any subject, but with more text article has been to better performance. Quality help users remember the content of what they have written – ultimately be seen by passing the article link from the others, or give some reference (Di who unites in his own blog).

Note: 1. Avoid the use of images to your message. Search engines have an allergy some images that are used in an article. Even if you have used, do not forget to add alternative text for images. This alternative text should be the best word to describe the article.
2. No links Externel.

Article format

1. As I said before – Give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words. Each time you write a message to be automatically given what the words could be putting people in search engines to find such information. Once you know what kind of words you are using are in a good position to prepare for that search.
2. Title to Snappy. A summary of your entire article in the title only. Search Engine pays special attention to the titles – so be sure to do well. Try to include words that have more weight / fill in the article.
3. Trash the message with keywords. Use the words listed in item # 1 in its message as well. Do not exceed the subject, but the use of words which can be naturally occurring in the post.
4. Include bulleted lists point, because the structures of information in an easily digestible format. Make your posts easy to scan. Every few paragraphs insert a subtitle. Be consistent with your style. Before pressing the submit button, re-read your message and cut the material that is not necessary.

Links to Articles
Links from other websites so that your items are key to SEO. Article start linking to other sites that are active. Some (like Twitter) do not count for anything they do not have tracking labels, but they are all possible ways for people to access their site and some will help with SEO. You can use the social bookmarking websites like Digg, Technorati, Blinklist, Mr. Wong, mix and more.

Do not become obsessed with getting links – do not obsess about how to write quality content and links in general, will come with time.

If you have written two articles on the same subject, you can interconnect. This will prompt the user to search for that great article and a sense of SEO.
Note: Do not create a link to cross. Just had a link to your previous article in the New.

Readers Readers begat
This is not an SEO technique as such, but plays a role. The readers have, the more likely it is that your blog is to be found by other readers. Use your social network and social sites like facebook, orkut and let your friends know about your articles. There is a “snowball effect” What happens to articles over time – as readers often the momentum is growing as readers pass on their links to others in your network. I guess what I’m saying is that readers in the way that you can – not only focus on ‘SEO’ as such. Everything counts.

# Update your items regularly.
# Prevent images.
# Do not insert links externel.
# Watch out for key words that best represents your article. Things thereof maintenance items with a density of 3-4%.
# Check out the appropriate spcaing between words or phrases. Two words with no space between them, will be treated as a single word from the search engines.
Series of articles #: Writers tend to show interest in writing a series of articles. This is a good way to explore something, if you can not limit the subject, is limited. Also found this interesting reader. But writers often left the track while writing articles in series. To start with something, but ends with something else.
> Do not forget your original theme of the series.
> Maintain appropriate keyword density.


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