How to have a "Hidden" Folder

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Well you have a folder that you want hidden but it’s too much trouble to go to into the file settings each and every time and showing hidden files and folders.  You don’t have time for that and you just want something simple!


Wll here’s the solution.  Create a new folder and hold alt+0160 while renaming the folder.  This will cause the name to disappear!

Unfortunatly now you have a picture of a folder with no name so it makes it pretty out in the open.  Anyone can acess it so it makes no sense to hide the name.  I have a solution for this to.

Here is what you do.

Right Click on the folder and then click on Properties

Then you click on the tab that says Customize:

After that you’ll need to click the button that says Change Icon:

Finally you’ll need to choose a picture that best fits:  they are all invisible but they do different things.  Try logging in and out to see if you can still see the folder.  I find that having the background black keeps things invisible on startup so you don’t have the chance of someone seeing the folder.  Changing the background after login does not show the folder:

Now after this is all said and done you can apply the changes and this is what you will have:

*NOTE*  The folder can only be seen if selected.  The box does not show if not selected.

For those of you that need a keyboard layout of where your keys are here is a picutre I put in paint of a keyboard.  The red circles are the keys.  While holding alt the entire time press 0160 and then let go of alt.  Then press enter. 

*NOTE*  The two circles represent the amount of times you hit that key.  My apologies for not putting in this tutorial on how to use the keyboard and for making my previous tutorial vague.


Here’s how to delete the “Hidden” Folder: Open Command Prompt

My “Hidden” Folder is on my desktop so what I want to do is set the command to be this:

ren “C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\(Alt+0160)\” “Folder”

Press enter

Make sure that you type ALT+0160 as holding the alt key down and then typing those numbers.  No parenthesis


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