Greek Goddess

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There was a world famous Greek sculptor called Phidias, who had to make a statue of Goddess Venus, in Athens. The artist carried out his work with great care and patience. He did not neglect even the curls in the air. A man came to Phidias and said, `This statue will be placed 300 feet high with back up against the marble wall. Where is the need to take such pains with a mere lock of hair? Who will see the hair? ‘Phidias replied. `The gods will’.

There is only one God though He is worshiped in many forms. God is great. God is the supreme author of life and the master of all creatures.

God is to know, admire and praise Him. We see God’s wonderful qualities mirrored in nature. The immensity of the sky, the vast expanse of the rolling ocean, the dazzling splendor of the sun, the wonderful sky at night, the solemn peace of the hills, the fields laden with grains, the beauty of flowers at our feet-all these show the greatness and loveliness, glory and goodness of the great Creator. Looking at these objects we say, God is infinitely wise and powerful, infinitely holy and truthful, infinitely good and merciful.

God is to believe and love Him our whole heart. To believe in God means to firmly accept whatever God sets down for our benefit. 

God is to adore Him. To adore means to give supreme honor of worship and love. This means to express, in action as in our thoughts, our entire dependence on God. On certain occasions we need to express our adoration by taking part in public worship.

This adoration can be expressed by prayer and by sacrifice. Talking to God is prayer. Go d communicating with Him and showing our gratitude too Him. In prayer we speak to God, we trust Him and thank Him. We say we are sorry for our sins and we also ask God for the help we need.

Sacrifice means offering something to God. In olden days people used to offer fruits or even animals as sacrifice. These sacrifices were offered to thank God, to gain His pardon and seek His favors. Now it is not so common to perform animal sacrifices but people offer part of their wealth for good religious purposes in order to express their belief In God.


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