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SEO. Search Engine Optimization. We webmasters have to deal with it. We learn it, and then a little bit later, like 2 or 3 minutes SEO rules change. The Google algorithm is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the business, but there are a few hints for those in the market to build traffic. First, high traffic keywords are great to get indexed but the keywords have to be not too backlinked by other people. However, if you want to write about SEO traffic or eBay, you have to build a backlink network with blogs or forums that are relative to your keyword. In other words you want to find an auction forum if you write about eBay, or an Ipod forum if you want to write about Ipods. Think of it as using a jumper cable to jump start a blog instead of a car. Your non-spam backlink is the cable, the higher power blog, the car jumping you. You politely post something relevant with a link in your signature, or you ask politely to trade links. If the link is followed, the search engine will gve your site more favor. Do not do spam. Ask them to trade, or post something relevant. So that is a little taste of SEO. You have to remeber thatbacklinks are what make the  traffic, but be careful where you find them, you may be more sorry to have them than without them.  Just go through reputable web sites.  More to come….


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