Arena – 2011 (Dvd Review)

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Director: Jonah loop

Writer: Tony Giglio & Michael Hultquist

Cert: 18

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson (Logan), Kellan Lutz (David Lord), Katia Winter (Milla), Daniel Day Kim (Talga), Johnny Messner (Kaden/Executioner), James Remar (Agent McCarty), Nina Dobrev (Lori).

Review: Somewhere in the world, from a secret hideaway there is a Blood sport Game being transmitted around the entire Globe. Every Law Enforcement Agency is trying to track it and find out exactly where on Earth it is, who’s running it and who it is that is behind the funding, but so far they have drawn a complete blank. The Death Matches are being transmitted via a very sophisticated Satellite feed which broadcasts on certain nights and at certain dates which is for Members Only, who think and sometimes even believe that the games are theatrically enhanced for their entertainment – but they are far from unreal or indeed are they theatrical…they are real.

Introducing David Lord as the High School footballer with his pregnant wife Lori, the three are involved in a car accident where Lori and their baby die. Riddled with heart break from both losses, David goes on an alcohol fuelled burnout, only to become a victim of The Game; tazored by a woman he trusted, drugged by strangers he doesn’t, and kept captive by “The Man Behind the Curtain”, David must now fight for his very life.

Filled to the brim with brutal fight sequences, of which the decapitation’s of the losers IS the most gruesome of the fights, the ‘Blood Thirsty” fan of Action movies will not be disappointed. As far as the Storyline and Plot go there are no complaints here, either, as the whole script has been put together perfectly.

Samuel L. Jackson’s character is strong, frequent and precise (As Mr Jackson’s part’s always are) and should be delightful for the following fans to appreciate. Nina Dobrev fans may be a little, if not very disappointed with the short – Cameo – role at the start of the film, but all the same Nina does play a good part.

With two similar formats in mind for this movie it is hard not to think or associate “Gamer” and “Spartacus: Blood & Sand” as a probable inspiration for “Arena’s” concept. A no holds barred approach has definitely been implemented here.

With no intentions of adding any form of “Spoiler” to this review, it will be the end of this movie that will bring a conclusion to the viewer’s thoughts on the plot. An ending that certainly leaves the film closed for any kind of sequel.

DVD Rating: 9/10 (10/10 if a certain person would have lost their head, though may come in the BluRay edition’s Special Features. An Alternate Ending maybe)

© Marcus De Storm 2011


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