Faces In The Crowd -Unrated- 2011 – Bluray

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Director: Julien Magnat

Writer: Julien Magnat, Kelly Smith

Cast: Milla Jovovich (Anna Marchant), Sarah Wayne Callies (Francine), Julian McMahon (Kerrest), Michael Shanks (Bryce), Adam Harrington (Bryce aged 8), Marianne Faithful (Doctor Langenkamp)

Brief Plot: A horror-thriller cantered on a woman living with “face-blindness” after surviving a serial killer’s attack. As she lives with her condition, one in which facial features change each time she loses sight of them, the killer closes in.

Review: It is of no surprise that Milla is on top form with her acting in this movie, as she was with “The Fourth Kind”, no additional martial arts or butt kicking’s in this feature. The film opens with Anna (Jovovich) leaving a cocktail bar after having a drink with friends, only to witness a horrific murder to which she is chased and cornered by the killer upon a bridge. Accidently falling into the freezing cold river water below, Anna awakens in the hospital with no memory of the incident leading up to her plunge. This is not the worst of it, however, as she is diagnosed with “Face-Blindness”; a condition which is rarely (If not impossible) to cure, and which distorts the facial features of everyone that the patient sees day after day. One day it could be a vague face for a man and woman, the next day a completely different face altogether. This does not help when somewhere out there is a serial killer taking advantage of your “Face Blindness” condition.

For Anna, her condition is being dealt with daily, while for her, she knows who the serial killer is, but with the “Face Blindness” she wouldn’t know if that killer was stood next to her at any given moment. Not long after being released from the hospital Anna becomes distressed in the fact that she is waking up every morning to a different man – but the same Husband.

Self-assigned Detective Kerrest (Julian McMahon of Charmed television series) brings in the strange and weirdness of crossover channels as he takes Anna to the safe haven island of…yeah, Cole Island (Charmed fans will know that Julian played the character known as Cole in the hit TV series). Here Anna and Kerrest spend a lot of time together and become very close, too, which may or may not help with the case or the finding of the killer.

We found “Faces In The Crowd” very well written, thrilling enough to keep us all guessing on who the real serial killer was, and most of all, we found the acting more tolerable than first thought – as there are two actors here, Shanks and McMahon, from television successes – acting alongside such a strong cinema actresses as Milla Jovovich and Marianne Faithful.

The condition which Anna has after her accident is emotionally charged and at the same time sympathised by the viewer (we believe) as she struggles with the changing faces and the frustration in which she feels when the voices of friends are there, just not the friendly warm faces that she has lived to respect and love…not even that of her own Father.

DVD Archive Rating: 8/10

Additional Information:-

Certification: 18 (R – USA)

Release Date: 7th October 2011 (Turkey)

AKA: Katlin Yuzu

Budget: $15,000,000 (estimated)

Genre: Horror/Thriller

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