Know your Being

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Create your own Reality

* Every act is an act of self definition… Define well.

*Every thought carries the energy of creation… Think pure.

*Every word is a declaration of your truth… Speak true.

Each moment we are born again and become new.
We are on a journey to recognize our mastery and failure does not exist.
We are all one, the infinite energy of life.
In stillness you will find your true being, then commune with God.

“Most people believe that there is a great conflict around the world between good and evil.
This is not true…the conflict exists in the human mind and is between Truth and lies.

The first lie? “You are not perfect”…by believing that, one starts their search for an image of perfection.

There are hundreds of belief systems available in this world.
Belief is a conviction, opinion or point of view.

In Existential belief, one pursues meaning and value in existence. The individual has full responsibility for creating meaning in their own lives. Our existence, on the “surface” may be absurd but we have the freedom to commit to belief systems and to overcome the feelings of boredom, nothingness and angst.

In the Kabbalah belief system (Hebrew mysticism) every idea grows from the foundation of God. The first aspect of God is the infinite, endless, without limits, unknowable but is revealed in all creation.

The Sefirot are the divine emanations put forth by God (Ain Soph Aur or Limitless Light)

(1) Keter is the crown or will
(2) Chokhmah is wisdom
(3) Binah is understanding
(4) Chesed is mercy
(5) Gevurah is strength
(6) Tiphereth is glory
(7) Netzach is victory
(8) Hod is majesty
(9) Yesod is foundation
(10) Malkuth is kingdom

The Zohar is a central Kabbalist text composed of a group of books on: Theosophic theology, Mythical cosmogony and Mystical psycology.
“…when the angels wish to descend to the lower world, they have to don earthly garments.”

The mind must attain four stages of knowledge:
(1) the vision through the mirror that projects an indirect light (exterior aspect)
(2) vision through the mirror that projects direct light(knowledge of essence)
(3) knowledge of the intuitive
(4) knowledge through love
After Love, comes the seven ecstatic stages applied to the most holy of visions

SUFISM(Islamic mysticism)
The chief aim of all Sufis is to let go of all notions of duality, including a conception of an individual self and to realize the divine unity. “the existence of God is the only truth”
Some of the ceremonies include, recitation, singing, music, dance, meditation, ecstasy and trance.
One teacher said,”in Sufism, the seeker becomes a “broken person”, stripped of all habits through the practice of solitude, silence, sleeplessness and hunger.
Sufis strive to attain Fitra or where nothing one does, defies God.

“There are three ways of knowing a thing. Take for instance, a flame: One can be told of the flame, one can see the flame with his own eyes and finally, one can reach out and be burned by it. In this way, we Sufis seek to be burned by God.” Posted by Richard Lynn Livesay at 11:49 AM0 comments

Tomorrow’s Dream

Oh, silent soul that never sleeps,
As dreams I dream, within the deep.
Went beyond and questioned not,
the wonder seen as wonder sought.

I stired again and questioned why,
It seems so real, I can’t deny.
As shadows move, beneath my eyes
And ancient whispers reveal their cries.

Toward the light, I search for seas
And sail through them, in pleasant breeze.
In distant stars, your form appears,
Transcending light, defeating fears.

In dreamy thought of true delight,
Our spirits joined in awesome flight.
Reunion’s home, an open door,
We greeted friends and then met more.

In years gone past, you soothed my tears,
Now first is last, we have no fears.
Again we meet and make a vow,
Embrace the day, the here and now!

Richard Lynn Livesay Posted by Richard Lynn Livesay at 10:15 AM0 comments

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? – Rumi…and no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven – Jesus…may you have the right view and intentions, may your speech, actions and livelihood be right and in your mental discipline, may you have the right effort, mindfulness and concentration – Nobel Eightfold Path

There are three ways of knowing a thing. Take for instance a flame. One can be told of the flame, one can see the flame with his own eyes and finally one can reach out and be burned by it. In this way, we Sufis seek to be burned by God.

A man exists and in that existence man defines himself and the world in his own subjectivity and wanders between choice, freedom and existential angst.

I will stop somewhere and wait for you…then we shall travel together

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Just for today, I will not worry Just for today , I will not anger Just for today, I am worthy of love Just for today, I will live in peace Just for today, I will love, not judge others Just for today, I will accept things, as they are My now is all I have to experience joy


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