Replace Your Bad Habits With Good Ones

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Habits cannot be broken, they have to be replaced, so choose the ones that will take you where you want to go.

Take Stock of your day

Take two days and list every single thing you do without actual choice.
List every thing that goes into your mouth and every activity you do. Doing this takes the veil away, these activities will not go under the “radar” anymore. The good news is that completing this first step is actually half the job done.

Identify the disempowering ones

Think about what you really want. Where do you dream yourself to be three months from now? Slimmer, Lighter, Healthier, Wealthier.
Circle the habits that are obvious to you are only taking you further away from your desired results.
Now that you have identified them, we can look at them and think of alternate activites which involve a similar stimulus but will instead take you closer to the results you want.


Satisfy your intellect to understand why replacing some of these disempowering, bad or unhealthy habits would be good for you. Research the internet and speak to experts so that you have a clear understanding of the reasons you want to change the habits.  You have to be sure and convinced that replacing this habit has a lot more gain than pain. Research realistic information of the downsides of not making the change. If you can justify the bad habit to yourself then you won’t want to give it up.

New Habit

Think of something that will give you the similar feeling you get from the bad-habit, take about the same amount of time and effort which you can “do” in a similar place.
As Murphy’s Law would have said, bad habits often give us instant joy and good ones take continuous practice to give joy. The joy is higher and more fulfilling but is not so evident in our immediate space.

Power of Declaration

Say it to at least 5 people. Start taking your “word” very very seriously. If you say something, it is. Once you get into the habit of “being your word” everything in your life will become more dependable. It is so, because you say so. When you commit to doing something, you will, because you don’t want to ever break your word. When you declare your new habit to a few people around you, you will feel the added need to live up to it, because people are watching and you don’t want to be a liar. It helps when someone else is holding you accountable.


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