Smoking: A Dangerous Risk

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Smoking: A Dangerous Risk

Engaging in smoking is one of the worst habits anyone can practice. During their first public appearance, cigarettes were advertised as charmingly attractive and healthy by many tobacco companies. Because of these bogus cigarette advertisements, many adults foolishly began smoking. After performing some studies on tobacco, doctors found out that smoking was linked to lung cancer. After the public was aware of dangers behind smoking, many smokers immediately gave up the bad habit, highly lowering the percent of adult smokers. Nowadays, many smokers need to be aware of the unpleasant consequences behind smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes can cost a lot of money, bad personal hygiene, and future problems for second-hand smoking family members.

A lot of money is spent on buying costly cigarettes. According to a source, an average pack of cigarettes in the USA sells for ten dollars to consumers. Smoking a half a pack a day results in the consumer spending approximately two thousand dollars per year. Instead of wasting all that money on unnecessary cigarettes, a person can use that money to buy necessary essentials, like food and clothing, or pay for the monthly insurance payment on his/her vehicle or house. Another thing smokers can do with their money is put it to their college tuition or put it in a savings fund for their children if they have any. In all, buying cigarettes can result in a yearly loss of a lot of money. Therefore, putting your money in necessary things, such as bills and clothing, is always more wise than wasting it on buying cigarettes.

In addition to being costly, cigarettes can also lead to bad personal hygiene. According to an article, during the 1920s and throughout the 1950s, cigarettes were advertised by companies as healthy and adventurous. These advertisements had a huge impact on people during that era, with sixty four percent engaging in this habit in the year of 1964. After many studies on cigarettes, doctors discovered that smoking cigarettes damages the lungs, linking smoking to lung cancer. Today, according to SIRS Knowledge Source, many people, being aware of the dangers that come along with smoking cigarettes, have chosen to quit the unhealthy habit, lowering the number of smokers in the US to below 21 percent. In addition with causing cancer, cigarettes also lead to damaged teeth and gingivitis, swelling and darkening of the gums. Bad odor on hair, body, and clothing is another problem that comes from smoking cigarettes. All around, smoking cigarettes causes severe damage to many parts of the body.

Smoking cigarettes can also be dangerous to friends and family members. A person smoking in front of his or her friends can cause the friends to engage in secondhand smoking, which is unintentionally inhaling smoke from the real smoker. According to Health Check Now, a scientific study shows that disease, disability, and death can all result from secondhand tobacco smoke. Smoking around family members, namely children, can make the exposed children experience discomfort since they have never inhaled tobacco smoke. Smoking around the children may not immediately have a bad impact on them. However, over a long period of time, the consequences of secondhand smoking will really become visible in the children, resulting, to some extent, in death. Giving up smoking for the sake of friends and family members can really benefit both the smoker and his/her children and friends, making them both safe and healthy.

In conclusion, practicing smoking can lead to dangerous and unpleasant results. One of discomforts of smoking is that it can be very costly, resulting in the smoker losing a lot of money. Instead of wasting money on cigarettes, that person can use it on personal essentials. Another problem with smoking is that it can lead to bad personal hygiene. According to a number of studies, doctors have stated that smoking is linked to lung cancer. Also, being a smoker causes danger to other people who do not smoke. According to an article, second-hand smoking can be just as dangerous as smoking on a regular basis. If many people were aware that smoking leads to money loss, bad personal hygiene, and problems to those around the smoker, then many would stop practicing this terrible habit, resulting in good health for both that person and the people around him or her.


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