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Compared with the time, money and energy to some of the traders in forex robot, error-proof technical strategies, and almost magical forex trading courses in which we promised, is a super-retailers is given, it is a shame that money management is not getting enough attention. While almost every trader earns the title, know that success in the Forex is largely due to careful management and profits, this is part of the store is a little better indicators, statistics, analysis and strategy neglected. But the first question from the beginning of a trader’s face is losing money when trading, analysis and strategy, or does not say much about how to deal with it. As such, careful study and practice of money-management practices is of crucial importance in the minds of entrepreneurs, committed to success in forex trading.
What is analysis? Is to identify the likely scenarios based on profits. Probability does not contain any certainty, and, by definition, not an analytical scenarios, however strong it may be, sooner or later lead to losses. In the case of a beginner, whose skills are underdeveloped in most cases, and undeveloped, in the worst case, the losses are considerably earlier than the victories to come. It is clear that each player has started training with a good understanding of the importance and necessity of dealing with money.
Money-management teaches us how to manage the losses, and how to maximize profits.All of this encourages us to maintain a responsible and disciplined attitude to trade by buying our consistency. We are taught that the trade size is too unpredictable to be consistent with the input of more than a stop-loss or take profit orders, and in particular to avoid the loss of a natural part of, and in fact an integral part of a career in marketing.There are many alternatives to loss of control, but there is no way to avoid the total trading career. Even George Soros has been a number of serious, sometimes massive error in his long career, but he is still regarded by many as the Master Merchant. Warren Buffett bought the shares of oil company headed by the oil bubble burst in 2008, and he made the wrong decision Salomon Brothers in the 90s. But all of these merchants were quick to mange errors and losses rather than prohibit, and not let them fester and reach enormous proportions seen. What happens to those who accept the losses, and optionally add them to the hope of future profits is to prohibit an obvious case of Nick Leeson and Jerome Kerviel, the man who broke the Bank of England, and the other lost a 7000000000 dollar.Both went to jail after all.
Sun Money management is the heart and soul of trade, the safety valve against the error, and the shield of fear and irrationality. Forex trading broker can give you the tools of technical analysis indicators, and tens of thousands, but the money management skills can be acquired only by careful and patient practice, and a total commitment to success in trading. On the other hand, is a master money management, master trader, and it’s only a matter of time before he perfected his skills in analysis and strategy, and acquiring great wealth, which he deserves.


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