Money Making Ideas for People Who Need Fast Cash

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You need some cash and you need it fast. Unfortunately, your paycheck is over a week away and you aren’t about to fall for one of those high interest money now cash advance places. (If you were considering one of them, you aren’t now, right? Please say I’m right!) Try one of these money making ideas that won’t leave you worse off than when you started.

  1. Check the local gigs section of Craigslist to see if there are any small jobs up for grabs. They usually pay the same day. The reason I mention this first and have written more than one article giving this advice? It is really an awesome resource for someone looking for fast cash, as long as he or she doesn’t mind a bit of work. A quick search of my local area revealed someone looking for furniture assembly help, carpet installation, privacy fence repair and about a dozen other jobs in the last few days.
  2. Start listening to what other people are saying that could land you a quick job that pays fast cash. For example, your mom’s neighbor with a healthy paycheck is moaning that she would pay someone to walk the dog if she could just find someone who was reliable. Instead of nodding and then asking about her new shoes, put on your most reliable face and say, “What about me?” (Make sure you really are reliable or your mom won’t be able to face her neighbor any more.)
  3. Do surveys and mystery shopping jobs. I’m not talking about those scams where you pay for job listings or survey sites. I’m talking about real opportunities from legitimate companies. Not sure where to look? Volition has an awesome list of reputable sites. Remember, a job should pay you.

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