New Housing Subsidies Index Forex Market Investors

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Since most of the forex market traders use fundamental analysis to design market strategies, the message is from a newly developed housing index, stir in the industry. So far, the most common living index in forex is used to predict future currency movement, the S & P / Case-Stiller, the house price index. This index is the change in price movements in the housing market 20 metropolitan areas across the country. It measures the average price changes on properties resold indexed in these limited areas. Indices are published monthly for approximately two-month delay in public. New housing price index (IAS360), followed by Denver, the company develops, a wider (and others) seem to change the prices in the U.S. market.
IAS360 detail
Housing index IAS360 it comes to some of the weaknesses of the existing S & P / Case-Stiller house price index. This new index for analyzing the trend of housing becomes deeper, richer level (360 districts, with 30 reported indices). This broader picture of reality is particularly useful in times of recession, because there may be a sign of the counter-movements in emerging markets. For example, using IAS360 living index, in certain markets are not available in other indices, such as the S & P / Case-Stiller-index would have been analyzed to show, could cause actual growth. This could turn out once again the bearer of the overall market growth, which may have been restricted housing index, the pointer will be missed.
The median sales price
IAS360 index to analyze the data based on the median sales price, while the other indices to analyze the average retail price. The median sales price method (taking the average price range between the highest and the lowest price) to draw a more realistic picture than the average sales price method, because it does not distort at the highest or lowest price of houses.
Real-time reporting
Real-time reporting is critical to the trends and know when you invest in the market. What is a two-month lag (ie from May numbers last week in July), when reporting on the S & P / Case-Stiller-index, in contrast IAS360 published in numbers, only about one month lag (ie, the May figures will be released in early July). With timelier reporting, an investor can trade a better informed decision.


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