The Toughness Behind Marriage

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Relationships are priceless, a gift from the heart. Although they bring happiness, they can be extremely tough to maintain. When they are rough and violent, they usually end up in temporary breakups or permanent divorce. Therefore, in order for a relationship to be a success, both the individuals have to show complete commitment to one another. They have to also resolve conflicts in a calm, mature, and professional manner without causing any physical harm to one another. Moreover, they have to respect each other’s hobbies, work, and most-importantly differences. Indeed, despite our differences, my husband and I maintain a healthy, successful relationship together.

My husband and I are family-oriented, always wanting to be around family. Many times we plan monthly picnics, gather the family, and head for the park. We also like to plan for big family dinners. Usually on Sundays, a day where practically everybody in my family is off of work, we will cook up a full-size feast. After we consume this big feast, we will start playing games, enjoying some quality family leisure time together. Among many of the other games that we have available, the most common one is monopoly. Since I have a huge family, consisting of approximately fifty people, we usually each play a different game. The children love to play connect four and duck, duck goose, and the adults usually play monopoly and cards. We enjoy each other’s company all night until time puts an end to our family leisure, causing us to go our separate way home.

Although my husband and I are similar in some respects, we have our differences. My husband is the kind of person who is very energetic. When it comes to working, he is always trying to put in some overtime, raising money to pay off our wedding debts. Moreover, he likes completing tasks around the house, never putting it on hold for later. If we have company over and there is work needed to be finished around the house, such as hanging the curtains or installing a microwave, then he will temporarily abandon his guest and address the problem. He never likes to kill time and sit down, always wanting to be active and productive. Unlike him, I am not energetic at all. I have a tendency to always feel tired. I hate being scheduled to work and cleaning up around the house. However, I love doing my school work, maintaining a good academic performance. I also love doing nothing, simply relaxing away and watching sitcoms all day until bedtime.

Another difference between me and my husband is that I love being out shopping, while he enjoys being indoors. I always beg him to go shopping with me at malls and other stores, looking for clothes or household essentials. After a short while, he eventually ends up deciding to come out with me, making his decision just to put a smile on my face and see me happy. If it was not for me asking him to go to the mall, then he would never get up independently on his own and go shopping. Instead of being out shopping, he surfs and shops inside on the internet, looking for deals on e-bay, craigslist, and other advertisement sites. On the other hand, the only time I like to stay inside the house is when I have to study for a test. Aside from that, I rarely stay home. Indeed, always having a big crave and desire for shopping, I like to shop till I exhaustingly drop.

In conclusion, my husband and I are far from being similar. Although we both love being around family and enjoying feasts together, we have different flavors of entertainment. He enjoys being active, gladly completing tasks around the house. I, on the other hand, like to be inactive, simply resting and entertaining myself to a full day of sitcoms. His source of shopping is online through the internet at home; whereas, I like to be outdoors at malls and other fashion stores. However, even with all of our differences, we still ultimately manage to respect and love each other and get along happily.


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