What are BJD Dolls, and why do people want them so much?

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Hello Everyone!

-If your reading this, then maybe your intrested in learning what BJD dolls are, or you just want to see how I explain it. Well have fun!!

BJD, stands for Ball-Jointed Dolls, or Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls. These are the kinds of dolls you just don’t get off wal-mart or the dollar store! I guess I can say they’re “rare”. The thing that’s so special about BJD dolls are, is that they’re poseable. Not like barbies, or bratz. People has tons of pictures on flickr, with their dolls looking like they’re real people! From what I know you can only get them online, or I think Blythe Dolls, the petite one can be purchased in stores. But we’ll talk about what Blythe Dolls are later.

Lati Dolls is one of the most popular kinds of BJD Dolls, and you can only get them by the net. Now, there’s different kinds of Lati Dolls. Lati Yellow, Lati White, Lati Blue, Lati Orange, and so on. You’ll see what I mean if you visit the online store!

Here’s a little picture.

s320x240– Picture by me –

There’s a reason why there’s different kinds lati dolls. Lati yellows and lati whites are usually smaller than Lati blue and Lati green.

Blythe Dolls are also popular, and was started long, long time ago. In the 17’s. Before these are like kid’s toys. But now, they have a whole big different meaning. Usually older people have them, ones that can afford them. Like I said, before they were just kid’s toys, but now people change everything about them, meaning they give them makeovers. And when I say makeovers, I don’t mean just tie they’re hair up or something. I mean they take their hair off and replace it with another one, or change their eye chips or put new freckles on them, or new face-ups, or change the smoothness of their skin, anything! Here’s a commercial from long time ago about Blythe Dolls! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vxQR9KlDIYt.gif 

Same with Lati Dolls! But with Lati Dolls, you change their hair, you can even buy a sleeping head! They also replace their heads and give them new face-ups, they sometimes replace their hands, and more! These dolls are treated special, they’re treated like real people, which is cool. They even sometimes get their own house, or rooms, and same with Blythe Dolls and Pullip Dolls. Earlier I said usually people who can afford them, people with jobs, usually has a lot of them. Why? Because these dolls are expensive!!! The cheapest one I’ve seen is about 138 – 900 dollars even! But with Blythe Dolls, they are cheaper, some are $75, $80, or $100 and more. The petite blythe dolls are cheaper, about 12-30 dollars. That’s because their tiny, very tiny!

There’s also Pullip Dolls, they get about the same makeovers as Blythe Dolls. Pullip Dolls are also expensive, and get their own rooms and all. Flickr is the best site where BJD Doll collectors hang out and share their photos or the clothes they’ve made for their dolls! Sometimes they sell them online and lots of people buy them. There’s tons of really good pictures with dolls in Flickr, tons of talented people, and millions of Doll Collectors. Now I’ve found this out jst a few months ago, and already know so much of it because of the net, because of Flickr. I guess I’ve gotten my friend addicted to them to! Me and my best friend Jennifer used to love lati dolls,and still does, blythe dolls, pullip dolls even little dal! We really wanted a BJD Doll, and did everything we could to earn money and get one. Since we know our parents won’t bother, because as my sister says, “100 Dollars or more isn’t worth it for just a doll.” Me and my best friend Jennifer, has gone through everything!! From emailing people at Flickr and trying to find the cheapest Blythe Doll, to trying to work for people around the neighbourhood, to trying to make some scam, to trying to make hand-made stuff and selling them online, even to accept those offers online where they say you get money just by doing this and that!! But sadly all of them failed! We haven’t gotten to help our neighbourhood, since none of them said they needed help, we usually did find a cheap petite blythe, but our parents refuse to buy even the 12 dollar ones, we felt bad and didn’t wanna do a scam, I tried making hand-made stuff but I ended up with ugly wierd earing and small hats no one would dare to buy, we don’t even know how to ship stuff!, and those offers were lies, and we couldn’t do some of them, because we needed credit cards, that we obviously did not have.. But now we got our own jobs and already has 5 =D

So that’s it for now folks!! Thanks for taking your time and reading!!!

So now you know!

Now you can pass on your knowledge!!

Maybe even look for pictures in Flickr!

Maybe fall in love with them like we did and share that passion for these dolls!!!

E L A H <33


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