How to Meditate -Techniques And Results

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How to meditate- technique and results

‘During meditation your metabolism and your breath level go down to a level of rest, twice the level of deep sleep’.-Mike Love.

The world today is full of stress and tension. You are never able to have a moment of peace and you are always keyed up and edgy. This emotional calamity takes a toll of your physical and mental health. You want to come out of such a situation, but you do not know how. Itisvery simple to bring peace to yourself if you can make your mind peaceful.

How to make your mind peaceful, you might wonder. Your mindis pliable and flexible and it is easy tomake it see the positive side of your life. Your actions are what your mind tells you to do and so it is your mind which is the key to your happiness. You must make your mind peaceful to make you feel content.

Meditation soothes your mind and gives clarity to your thoughts. There should be silence when you meditate and what more could be a better time than a silent early morning. When you meditate in the morning you can get the optimum result of your meditation. Make it a habit to get up early in the morning as the quietness of dawn will make you feel involved in your meditation.

You must find a proper place to meditate and you should sit calmly with your eyes closed. Breathe indeeply and breathe out deeply. Your breathing should become rhythmic and your mind should become focused on one single thought. You should not think of many things as then your mind will be confused as to what to focus on.

When your thought is particular, itbecomes easy for your mind to get focused on that one singlethought. When you close your eyes, the thought enters your mind; you can feel your mind and the thought merging as one. When you breathe deeply you can literally feel an elevation in your mind as it makes your focused thought become a vivid realization as if what you wanted to happen, is happening.

You feel so much at peace and when you slowly open your eyes, you feel relaxed and your tension eases. Thethought that you meditated on becomes embedded in your mindas second skin and everysecond it is there within you and around you. Your thoughts lead you to action and finally what you focused on is yours. So it is better if you focus on something you want to achieve and then meditate.

Meditation can be done by all age groups and it shapes you into a fine personalityrelaxed and cool. You are not ruffled by the exterior elements and your total personality undergoes a makeover .The magic of meditation will be felt only if do it regularly and with absolute concentration. It purifies your thoughts and makes you aware of all the goodness in the world.


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