GPS Jammer: Privacy Guaranteed

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Would like to have the ability to block Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking in your car? Do you want to keep others from knowing where you have been and where you are heading? A GPS jammer will accomplish both of these by blocking the GPS signal your car receives and sends.

GPS was first developed by the U.S. military for their purposes; however, it is now available for anyone who has GPS receiving equipment. GPS can fix your position within 3 meters (approximately 10 feet) and give people who may be interested in knowing where you are a pretty precise fix on your location.

GPS is a series of satellites that are placed in a geo-synchronized (maintains a fixed position by traveling the same speed of the earth as it rotates about its axis) orbits above the earth.

Commercial Uses of GPS Trackers

GPS receivers have become the main stay of many commercial businesses and products today.

These products include cell phone, rental cars, automobiles, navigation systems in automobiles, keeping track of children, keeping track of elderly family members, trip planning by selecting way points for stopping at points of interest, emergency service, keeping track of luggage or laptops on trips, boat navigation systems, companies to keep track of their vehicles, and helping to locate family or friends at large events.

Others who want to know your intentions include corporations which want to collect data on where you have been, shopping habits, and visits to tourist attractions. A GPS receiver placed in a rented vehicle and information downloaded after the vehicle is returned.

The data is compiled with others to sell to advertising firms and/or companies who use the data for marketing purposes. The information is also used by insurance companies to compare collision reports or for tracking down stolen vehicles.

Illegal Uses of GPS Trackers

Legitimate companies do not sell GPS trackers to individuals, which are typically used by criminals and other people for tracking a vehicle. Criminals are known for placing GPS trackers in a victim’s automobile to determine patterns and habits in preparation for completing criminal intentions. Use of GPS jammers for criminal intentions is illegal.

Security Uses of GPS Trackers

GPS jammers are widely used in places which require high security, for example airports. In this case the need is obvious, because they keep the wrong people from determining precise coordinates of key fixed points.

GPS trackers are used by police agencies for keeping track of their vehicles and being able to send the nearest patrol unit to the aid of another police officer in need of help. They are also used for coordinating emergency services vehicles. They are also used to keep track of people who have been placed under house arrest.

How a GPS Jammer Works

A GPS jammer plugs into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle and immediately provides a 4 to 6 meter bubble of coverage to block GPS signals. It works in all types of vehicles. The GPS jammer is a legitimate device for blocking people who do not need to know a vehicle’s location. It is designed to effectively block the signals of all GPS signals; except dealer-installed navigation units. The GPS jammers blocking signal does not interfere with cell phones, because it operates on a different frequency.


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