Job Hunters: Effective Resume Writing Tips, Tricks And "dos And Don’ts"

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Due to the growing population and increasing unemployment, it has become very important for a job seeker to take an appropriate step when applying for any position. Remember that there are several other candidates with appropriate qualifications applying for the position. To win the race, it is important to stand out from this crowd and grab the attention of the employer. For this, you must know what the employer is expecting from the candidate and what the job requirements are. You must be aware of the tips for writing the resume and choose the appropriate resume format for better visual appearance.

Resume is the promotional document for every job seeker. When you are applying for any position, employer doesn’t know about your skills and qualifications. Your CV will present your image to the employer so that he has some idea regarding your professional background to short list you for the interview. A perfect resume is the only way to clear the first step towards your dream job. To create an initial impact on the employer’s mind and get attention from them, it is important to write your resume according to the employer’s demand. Follow the proper CV tips and draft an outstanding resume. People often make mistakes while writing a resume and think that these are negligible mistakes and do not affect your CV. This is totally wrong. Every small mistake will affect the quality of your resume.

Here are some dos and don’ts to follow when you are writing a CV for any job position –


  • Do sufficient researches before you apply for any particular position? This research will help you to know about the company, its profile and about the position you are applying for

  • With adequate research, you can decide whether you are suitable for the position or not. You will know about any special requirement for the applied job

  • When applying for any position, it is important to write the resume according to the requirements of the employer. Proper research will help you in knowing the skills expected by the employer. You can include these skills in your CV to make better impact on the potential employers

  • Before actually starting to list the details in your CV, take a plain paper and write down your details roughly. Mention all the skills, qualifications, accomplishments, experiences on this paper. Now you can select the most appropriate details matching your prospective profile. If you would directly start writing your CV, there are chances of missing out some important details

  • After completing your resume, check for grammatical and spelling errors. Get it checked from your friends as well


  • Don’t use generic resumes when applying for any position. Write the CV targeted to any particular position and describe the skills necessary for that particular profile

  • When referring the sample resumes, do not copy the details from these samples. It is recommended to draft the CV on your own

  • Do not select the resume format blindly. The format you choose must highlight your details in the best possible way

  • Do not make over use of jargons and phrases. It is good to use power words to get attention from the employer, but overusing them will make your CV sound ineffective

Writing resume is not a difficult task if you follow all the basic tips properly. With these tips, you can draft an effective attention grabbing resume.  


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