Archos, Cowon, Creative, Philips, Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, Transcend Mp3 And Mp4 Players Price List

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MP3 and MP4 Players Price in Indian Rupees

Archos Vision 4 GB,
Price – Rs.3,317
Archos Vision 4 GB Video Player,
Price – Rs.3,750
Archos AV700 ,
Price –  Rs. 36800
Archos 3 Vision,
Price –  Rs. 3595
Archos 7,
Price –  Rs. 12530
ARCHOS Clipper,
Price –  Rs. 899
Archos 24c vision,
Price –  Rs. 5000
Archos AV500,
Price –  Rs. 29500
ARCHOS 14 vision Player,
Price –  Rs. 2400
Archos 404 30GB,
Price –  Rs. 27300
ARCHOS 2 vision Player – 16 GB,
Price –  Rs. 5500
ARCHOS 2 vision Player – 8 GB,
Price –  Rs. 3600
Archos 24b vision,
Price –  Rs. 4200
Archos 30c vision,
Price –  Rs. 5600
Archos 504 80GB,
Price –  Rs. 36750
ARCHOS 1 vision Player,
Price –  Rs. 2085
ARCHOS 20b vision Player – 8 GB,
Price –  Rs. 3200
ARCHOS 18 vision Player – 4 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2160
ARCHOS 15 vision Player,
Price –  Rs. 2900
Archos 18c vision,
Price –  Rs. 4250
ARCHOS 18 vision Player – 8 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2560

Coby MP305,
Price –  Rs. 2799
Coby MP550,
Price –  Rs. 1165
Coby MP300,
Price –  Rs. 1865
Coby MP822,
Price –  Rs. 3750
Coby MP725,
Price –  Rs. 3395
Coby MP715,
Price –  Rs. 3730
Coby MP815,
Price – Rs.10,595

Cowon iAudio E2 – 2GB,
Price – Rs.2,799   
Cowon iAudio9 – 4GB,
Price – Rs.4,994 to 6,159
Cowon S9 32GB,
Price – Rs.17,349
Cowon D2 16GB,
Price – Rs.10,199
Cowon iAudio 7 8GB,
Price – Rs.8,250  
Cowon iAudio D2 2GB,
Price – Rs.9,799
Cowon iAudio F2 2GB,
Price – Rs.7,499  
Cowon J3 4GB Audio Player,
Price – Rs.9,899 to 10,750   
Cowon V5 32GB Audio/Video Player ,
Price – Rs.16,998 to 20,533
Cowon iAudio A2 30GB,
Price –  Rs. 24500
Cowon iAudio U2 1GB,
Price –  Rs. 5550
Cowon iAudio U5 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 5300
Cowon S9 8GB,
Price –  Rs. 12993
Cowon Q5W 60GB,
Price –  Rs. 33000
Cowon Q5W 80GB,
Price –  Rs. 29268
Cowon D2 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 8424
Cowon iAudio U5,
Price –  Rs. 4914
Cowon A3 80GB,
Price –  Rs. 26000

Creative Zen 8GB ,
Price – Rs.8,695 to 9,130
Creative Stone Plus 2GB MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.2,640  
Creative Zen 4GB Video Expandable,
Price – Rs.6,160 to 6,600   
Creative Zen X-Fi 2 16GB,
Price – Rs.10,461
Creative MuVo TX FM 256MB,
Price –  Rs. 3433
Creative MuVo T200 2GB,
Price – Rs.2,399 to 2,420  
Creative Zen V Plus 1GB,
Price –  Rs. 4500
Creative Zen Vision W 60GB,
Price –  Rs. 29990
Creative Zen Neeon 6GB,
Price –  Rs. 8990
Creative Zen Vision M 30GB,
Price –  Rs. 15990
Creative Zen Micro 5GB ,
Price –  Rs. 4999
Creative ZEN Style M300 MP3 player,
Price –  Rs. 3499
Creative Zen V Plus 4GB ,
Price –  Rs. 8319
Creative Zii Egg Plaszma,
Price –  Rs. 12000
Creative ZEN Style 300 8 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2700
Creative ZEN Style 300 4 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2250
Creative ZEN X-Fi 16 GB (with Wireless LAN),
Price –  Rs. 15170
Creative ZEN Stone Plus with built-in speaker 4 GB,
Price –  Rs. 5499
Creative ZEN Mozaic 4GB MP3 Video Player Mp3 Mp4 Player,
Price –  Rs. 3699
Creative ZEN Stone with built-in speaker – 2 GB,
Price –  Rs. 3499*
Creative Zen X-Fi 2 32GB,
Price –  Rs. 14624

Dell DJ (20 GB) MP3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 3250
Dell Pocket DJ (5 GB) MP3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 2925
Dell DJ (30 GB) MP3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 4050

iBall Pendulum Swing 2GB,
Price – Rs.1,911
iBall 2GB FM Music Pendant MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.1,850 to 1,890
iBall 2GB MP3 FM Voice Recorder,
Price – Rs.1,719  
iBall Pendulum Swing 1GB,
Price – Rs.1,899
iBall VPP 1.8 Video Player,
Price – Rs.2,290
iBall VPP 2 GB MP3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 3490
iBall 2GB Pocket Audio Video Player With FM,
Price –  Rs. 3899

LG MF FM33 Touche 1GB,
Price – Rs.5,990  
LG MF FM33 Touche 2GB,
Price – Rs.6,990   

Microsoft Zune MP3,
Price – Rs.5,100   
Microsoft Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.12,100
Microsoft Zune Second Gen 8GB,
Price –  Rs. 5000
Microsoft Zune 120GB Third Generation,
Price –  Rs. 13000
Microsoft Zune second Generation 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 4200
Microsoft Zune MP3 30GB,
Price –  Rs. 14250
Microsoft Zune HD 32GB,
Price –  Rs. 11000

Mitashi MWI 2GA 2GB,
Price – Rs.2,990   
Mitashi 1GB Necklace MP3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 1599
Mitashi MWI 1GA,
Price –  Rs. 2990
Mitashi MPS1002,
Price –  Rs. 3990
Mitashi EL2000,
Price –  Rs. 1299
Mitashi EL2500,
Price –  Rs. 1290

Moserbaer MP575,
Price – Rs.1,190 to 1,199
Moserbaer MP582,
Price –  Rs. 1190
Moserbaer IVO515iW,
Price –  Rs. 3600
Moserbaer IVO511i,
Price –  Rs. 3100
Moserbaer IVO511iB,
Price –  Rs. 3100

Philips GoGear Mix 2GB MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.1,499 to 1,699  
Philips GoGear SA6025 97 2GB,
Price – Rs.5,999
Philips SA3115 1GB,
Price – Rs.3,299
Philips Gogear Raga 2GB MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.2,460   
Philips SA3125 2GB,
Price – Rs.4,499   
Philips GoGear ViBE 4GB SA1VBE04K/17,
Price – Rs.3,499   
Philips GoGear Vibe With Dock 4GB MP4 Player,
Price – Rs.6,300 to 7,053
Philips GoGear SA2115 1GB,
Price – Rs.2,499   
Philips GoGear Vibe MP4 Player,
Price – Rs.2,888 to 5,343   
PHILIPS GoGear SA2210 1GB,
Price – Rs.1,650   
Philips GoGear Spark 4GB MP3 player (4 GB),
Price – Rs.3,499  
Philips SA2MUS08S/97 MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.8,324
Philips SA2ARA04K/97 MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.4,611 to 4,999
Philips SA2VBE04K/94 MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.3,711  
Philips SA2SPK04K/97 MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.3,261  
Philips SA3325 97 2GB LCD GoGear Flash,
Price – Rs.5,399
Philips GoGear SA1355 97 1GB,
Price –  Rs. 2999
Philips Ariaz 4Gb Mp3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 4999
Philips GoGear SA1916/97,
Price –  Rs. 1999
Philips GoGear SA5245 BT 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 8499
Price –  Rs. 1490
Philips GoGear SA2825/97,
Price –  Rs. 2999
Philips GoGear Vibe MP3 Video Player 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 3000
Philips SA3448 97,
Price –  Rs. 4999
Philips 1GB MP3 Player  ,
Price –  Rs. 2800
Philips SA5245,
Price –  Rs. 7499
Philips 2GB MP3 Player with FM Model No: SA1928-97,
Price –  Rs. 2299*
Philips GoGear SA2125 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 3000
Philips Go Gear 4GB MP3 Player With Bluetooth Model No SA5245BT 97,
Price –  Rs. 7799
Philips MP3 MP4 Player Muse 8GB With Touchscreen,
Price –  Rs. 9400
Philips GoGear Aria 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 4990
Philips MP3 Player Sao111mix 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 1999
Philips New Go Rear Mix MP3 Player 2 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2900

Samsung YP S3A,
Price – Rs.5,415   
Samsung YPU3 1GB,
Price – Rs.1,995   
Samsung YP Q1C 8GB,
Price – Rs.6,555   
Samsung YPU5 2GB,
Price – Rs.2,327
Samsung YPU5 4GB,
Price – Rs.3,135  
Samsung YP P3C 8GB,
Price – Rs.9,500
Samsung YP Q1A 4GB,
Price – Rs.5,605
Samsung U5 2GB Red MP3 Player, YP-U5JQR/XAA,
Price –  Rs. 1620
Samsung S2 Pebble Mp3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 2490
Samsung Q2 16GB,
Price –  Rs. 5150
Samsung YP-S2Q,
Price –  Rs. 2750
Samsung YP P3E 16GB,
Price – Rs.11,400  
Samsung P3 8GB Silver,
Price –  Rs. 6800
Samsung YP P2CB 8GB,
Price –  Rs. 13975
Samsung YP P2CB 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 14390
Samsung YP Z5Q 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 11000
Samsung Q2 8GB,
Price –  Rs. 4500
Samsung Galaxy Q1 8 GB,
Price –  Rs. 7800
Samsung YP-S2QB,
Price –  Rs. 2490
Samsung YP K5Q 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 14000
Samsung YP S5 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 7900
Samsung 16 GB P3 MP3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 13900
Samsung Palm Held Cinema,
Price –  Rs. 11900
Samsung YP U2Z 1GB,
Price –  Rs. 5000
Samsung YP-U5Q,
Price –  Rs. 2990
Samsung YP-U5Q,
Price –  Rs. 2990
Samsung YP-U3ZB,
Price –  Rs. 2400
Samsung P3 16GB Black,
Price –  Rs. 7749
Samsung YP-Q1CB,
Price –  Rs. 8000

SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8GB,
Price – Rs.5,550 to 7,150
SanDisk Sansa Fuze 4GB,
Price – Rs.5,280  
SanDisk Sansa Fuze 2GB,
Price – Rs.3,960   
SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.2,582
SanDisk Sansa C150 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 6250
SanDisk Sansa e250 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 8150
Sandisk Sansa 4GB Clip MP3 Player, Blue,
Price –  Rs. 1935
SanDisk Sansa e280 8GB,
Price –  Rs. 11000
SanDisk C140 1GB  ,
Price –  Rs. 2570
Sandisk Sansa Fuze MP3 and MP4 Player With FM,
Price –  Rs. 4499
SanDisk Sansa Express 1gb,
Price –  Rs. 2800
SanDisk Sansa e260 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 10750
SANDISK Sansa C140 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 7794
SanDisk Sansa e270 6GB,
Price –  Rs. 15000
Sandisk Sansa Clip 2Gb Black,
Price –  Rs. 2999
Sandisk Sansa Express Direct 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 3350
SANDISK Sansa C150 1GB,
Price –  Rs. 6309

Sony NWZ-S543 4GB,
Price – Rs.6,595 to 7,054  
Price – Rs.2,190
Sony Nwz-444 8GB Network Walkman (Black),
Price – Rs.7,054   
Sony NWZ-E353,
Price – Rs.4,350 to 4,990
Sony Icd Ux71f 1GB,
Price – Rs.3,990
Sony E444 8GB Video MP3 Walkman,
Price – Rs.6,695 to 6,990
Sony NWZ B143F,
Price – Rs.3,740 to 3,990
Sony NW 252 B W Series Walkman 2 GB MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.4,820   
Sony NWZ A826K B,
Price – Rs.11,990   
Sony Walkman NWZ-W202,
Price – Rs.4,990  
Sony NWZ-W202 ,
Price – Rs.4,893 to 4,990
Sony NWZ-E354BLK Walkman,
Price – Rs.6,962   
Sony NWZ-E454,
Price – Rs.6,595 to 6,990   
Sony NWA808 B,
Price –  Rs. 15990
Sony NWA3000,
Price –  Rs. 19990
Sony NWE005,
Price –  Rs. 6990
Sony NWS203F,
Price –  Rs. 7990
Sony NWD B105,
Price –  Rs. 4490
Sony NWA805 V,
Price –  Rs. 9990
Sony NWZ-A816 MP3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 6990
Sony 4GB B Series MP3 Walkman (Orange),
Price –  Rs. 3990
Sony Video 4GB White,
Price –  Rs. 6990
Sony Walkman NWZ B140F,
Price –  Rs. 3450
Sony Video 2GB Black,
Price –  Rs. 4990
Sony 2GB Black,
Price –  Rs. 2990
Sony NW-A1000/L Archived Walkman Digital Media Players,
Price –  Rs. 6990
Sony NW-S706F/B Archived Walkman Digital Media Players,
Price –  Rs. 6990
Sony NWZ-S545,
Price –  Rs. 9790
Sony ICF CL75iP,
Price –  Rs. 7350
Sony NW-S703F/N Archived Walkman Digital Media Players,
Price –  Rs. 4990
Sony E444 4GB Video MP3 WALKMAN ,
Price –  Rs. 5990
Sony 8GB NWZ-E444 MP3 WALKMAN (8 GB),
Price –  Rs. 6990
Sony NWZ-S540,
Price –  Rs. 6990
Sony NWZ-E454/N Walkman Digital Media Players,
Price –  Rs. 6990
Sony NWZ-B152F,
Price – Rs.2,249 to 2,890   
Sony NWZ B135F B,
Price – Rs.2,690  
Sony 4GB E Series Video MP3 WALKMAN NWZ-E443,
Price – Rs.4,745 to 5,990
Sony NWZ-B163F 4GB MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.3,590
Sony NWZ-A844,
Price – Rs.6,690 to 8,990
Sony NWZ B142F,
Price – Rs.2,499 to 2,890
Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 MP3 Player 2GB,
Price – Rs.4,893 to 4,990   
Sony NWZ A726,
Price – Rs.7,990   
Transcend MP870 4 GB,
Price – Rs.2,795 to 4,337
Transcend Mp330 MP3 Player 8GB,
Price – Rs.2,100 to 2,979
Transcend MP870 8 GB,
Price – Rs.3,250 to 6,710
Transcend T.sonic 840 4GB,
Price – Rs.2,320 to 2,699
Transcend MP860 4GB MP3 / MP4 Player,
Price – Rs.2,675 to 2,999
Transcend T.Sonic 860 8GB,
Price – Rs.3,295 to 7,490
Transcend T.sonic 850 8GB,
Price – Rs.3,499
2GB Transcend T SONIC 320 MP3 with FM & Voice Recorder,
Price – Rs.1,795 to 1,799  
Transcend MP860 8GB MP3 / MP4 Player,
Price – Rs.3,555 to 3,599
Transcend 8GB 840,
Price – Rs.2,895 to 2,899
Transcend T.sonic 850 4GB,
Price – Rs.2,799   
Transcend T.Sonic 860 4GB,
Price – Rs.3,675 to 6,990
Transcend MP850 8 GB,
Price – Rs.3,299
Transcend T.Sonic 310 1GB,
Price – Rs.2,899   
Transcend T.SONIC 510 512MB With Pen Drive,
Price –  Rs. 3400
Transcend 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 4399
Transcend MP850 4 GB,
Price –  Rs. 5500
Transcend 1GB,
Price –  Rs. 1990
Transcend T.Sonic 615 4GB,
Price –  Rs. 3800
Transcend MP320 4 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2190
Transcend MP650 2 GB,
Price –  Rs. 1800
Transcend 320 4GB MP3 Player With FM Radio and Voice Recording,
Price –  Rs. 2235
Price –  Rs. 3198
Transcend T.sonic 850 8GB 68 FM VI129 Player,
Price –  Rs. 7500
Transcend MP650 8 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2400
Transcend TSonic 840 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 2800
Transcend T.Sonic 530 1GB,
Price –  Rs. 1700
Transcend T.sonic 820 2GB,
Price –  Rs. 2349
4GB Transcend MP3 Player T Sonic,
Price –  Rs. 3599
Transcend MP320 8 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2650
Transcend MP320 8 GB,
Price –  Rs. 2650

Zebronics India MUPic 1GB,
Price – Rs.1,718  
Zebronics India MUPic (2GB),
Price – Rs.2,028
Zebronics India DJ Alfa,
Price – Rs.1,098
Zebronics India MP3 DJ Beta,
Price – Rs.1,266
Zebronics 2GB MP3 DJ Sigma Plus Player with FM (2 GB),
Price – Rs.1,350
Zebronics Zebmate 75 Unique 4GB MP3 Player,
Price – Rs.2,169  
Zebronics DJ BETA 2 GB With FM mp3 Player,
Price – Rs.1,435   
Zebronics 2GB Mupic Mirror MP3/MP4 Player 2 GB ,
Price – Rs.2,438  
Zebronics Sigma Two,
Price –  Rs. 1450
Zebronics Stem,
Price –  Rs. 1200
Zebronics Zebmate 20 MP3 Player,
Price –  Rs. 1881
Zebronics DJ ALPHA 1GB With FM mp3 Player,
Price – Rs.1,154

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Avg, Bitdefender, Escan, Esecure, Gdata, K7, Kaspersky, Mcafee, Norton, Quick Heal, Symantec, Trend Micro, Winzip Security Softwares Price List

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Cooler Master, Gigabyte, Iball, Prime Source, Thermaltake, Zebronics Cabinets Price List

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Adata, Corsair, Dynet, Gskill, Hynix, Kingston, Mushkin, Transcend, Zion Ram (1Gb, 2Gb, 256 Mb, 512Mb) Price List

Asrock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, Intel, Millenium, Msi Motherboards Price List

Apc, Fsp, Iball, Gigabyte, Microtek, Powersafe, Seasonic, Tagan, Wipro Ups Price List

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Creative, Enter, Hp, Iball, Logitech, Microsoft, Quantum, Travelpac Web Cameras (100K, 200K, 300K, 400K, 500K, 600K, 700K, 800K) Price List

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