Maintaining Dogs at Home

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The presence of a dog in the house can add to happiness in the family. Dogs often become an animal that has been considered by a human family member. In fact, for some people, they already consider dogs as their best friend. So there is a term that dogs are man’s best friend.

Why dogs can be regarded as man’s best friend? There are several main reasons so that title can be given to dogs, among others:

    Emotional relationship between dogs and humans to be reciprocated. Dogs benefit from the attention of her employer. Similarly, humans can lead to feelings of pleasure with the presence of dogs. Even to appear anecdotally that the dog is more faithful than a wife or husband. Indeed, if the dog is well trained and well cared for, then the dog will show loyalty to his master. Even a dog can cry if there is no master in the long term. In an event, even the faithful dog waiting on its master’s grave when his master died, until finally the dog was also dead in the tomb of his master.

    In some nursing homes in foreign countries, dogs are also provided as a playmate for the elderly or the elderly. Thus, for humans, feeling lonely and useless will disappear by the presence of dogs near them.
Dogs also can be a protection for employers. Eg German Shepherd dog or shepherd dog is proven to protect better and natural than the home alarm.
Dogs can provide assistance, such as the dog who became a guide to the blind. Or when a natural disaster, dogs can also search for the missing victim.

However, besides the many advantages a dog, there are also disadvantages to consider when deciding to keep a dog at home. Loss of a dog increased responsibilities such as the cost of raising and basic needs. In addition, there are other losses if the dog is damaging property or injuring someone else. Hygiene and health problems as well as the dog shit, dog hair, diseases such as rabies, also become an additional factor to consider if you want a dog.

Well, if you then decide to keep a dog in the house, make sure that you first consider the following tips on choosing a dog:

    Note the character and nature of the dog that will be brought home. Whether the dog is friendly or aggressive type type. You can ask the owner if your dog is given a dog. Or if you buy from a pet shop, you can request information about the habits and character of the dog. For example although the Golden Retriever dog big dog that is happy to make friends with anyone. While the Terriers are small and petite is the kind of aggressive and ferocious dogs.
Male and female dogs have different properties. Female dogs are usually easier to manage. While the male dog more aggressive and active. In addition, male dogs usually have an adventurous spirit, so that if left unchecked, could have been a dog is lost. If you want to keep a dog in the house, choose a female dog. However, if you want to use as a guard dog, then choose the male dog.
Puppies are usually more easily trained than adult dogs. However, you should be more patient raising a puppy like raising a newborn child and a child.


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