Caring For Dogs by Simple Ways

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Make the first days when I got home into something fun and healthy for your puppy, for example, after you buy it at a place to sell dogs / sale of children anjing.Sebelumnya prepare basic necessities that are important:

– Foods
– Places where food and drink
– Signs ID (dog tags), collar and leash
– Basket comfortable, stable, or beds
– Brush, comb and shampoo
– Chew toys to soothe teething (teething)

Tip on the way

At the time of bringing the puppy, labrador dogs such as the type you go home and make the experience enjoyable experience. Hold your puppy gently put it in the cage or carrier (crate), make sure your puppy feel safe and comfortable.

The first days are very important in building a good relationship between puppy and your family.
Your Labrador puppy will feel scared and nervous when he first became familiar with the area that baru.Untuk help speed him to familiarize themselves with these changes:

Introduce your puppy to a safe and peaceful home, avoid other pets for sementara.Berikan caring and loving – dogs are social instincts rather than animals that live alone. When you want to hold it, hold it with both hands lift him with your body, one hand on the back underneath and one hand under his chest again so she felt safe at the time dipegang.Sediakan warm bed and clean of dust.
Teach your child how to keep and maintain a pet.
Place your puppy

Memperlukan your puppy a place for him herself. Give him a basket, cage or a closed bed, so she feels safe and secure. Add a pedestal like old sheets or towels in place then so be a comfortable place for your puppy.

Respect the privacy of your puppy and let him feel secure in his new place. Try not to let him for a long time. Remember your puppy is a social animal. Avoid putting your puppy into place when he was naughty. Sebaikanya create a place to make a place where she feels safe and accepted and peaceful.

Nutrition puppy

Newborn pups receive all the nutrients from the mother’s milk during the first four weeks. After that, solid foods can be added gradually to the full weaning food until about 6-8 weeks. Nutritional needs of puppies more demanding more than adult dogs; in the first few weeks, the weight of the puppy will be doubled. During the formation of this important stage, the puppy will use the amount of energy to growth and play, but his stomach was still relatively small, and therefore get the best nutrition that is very important to him.

Choosing a puppy food

It’s important to give your puppy food very easily digestible, nutrient-dense and the formula 100% complete and balanced which is designed for growth. And because the ratio of growth is very different in each race / breed. It is important to choose a formula that matches the size of your puppy races.


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