Letting Go And Healing From A Broken Relationship

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Letting go have never been so easy especially when it comes to something that you dearly hold onto.  Many people find themselves stuck in the situation and even with the obvious signs that something doesn’t really belong to them anymore. We just seem that we cannot let it go.  We prefer holding on to those fantasies and believing that maybe one day it can still be revived, especially when it comes to relationships.

In most cases, people hold on to relationship thinking that, if they let it go, they are letting go of any chances of their partner to heal for them the wrongs and wound of the relationship. They think if they let their partners go; they will never have that chance to make up for the pain that he or she caused them. This one of the worst notion one can ever hold on to, what about if the partner is not willing to have a second chance or reconcile with you. Do you still hold on?  This simply means, it is time to move on and stop trying to revive a relationship that is already dead. How then do you move from such a painful situation?

First you need to accept the pain that you are going through. In  most cases, human being want to resist or run away from that pain mostly, with self destructive habits like smoking, drugs etc but this only mask the pain for a short time and then you are up to the reality. You need to face the pain and address it by welcoming the hurt feelings. Acknowledge the pain and hurt that you are going through, accept it and surely after sometimes, the pain will leave and you will feel more free. 

Be ready to accept the truth. By simply denying the fact that, the person that you really cared for is no longer there for you, is just a form of denial that adds to more pain and sufferings. It is importance to make peace with ourselves and acknowledge that the person that we really cared for and loved too much is no longer ours. Face the reality, don’t live in fantasy.

Decide what you need to do from there. This is the right time to move on. Stop dwelling in the past. Live at the present and think of yourself as a loving person who is capable of falling in love and been loved again.  Getting rid of all the things that remind your of the other person is a very important step towards healing, don’t feel guilty, you must take all those steps in order to heal. The less you are detached from the material things that remind you of that person, the faster in letting go and healing.

Remember to forgive. This is for you, not for him or her. It is a way of releasing yourself. If you are able to forgive the person who hurt you, you no longer have the need to wait for that person to amend his wrongs and your life is no longer on hold.  It’s not your fault that the relationship didn’t work out. Sometimes, things don’t happen the way you want them to be. Refrain from blaming yourself.  You still have better future ahead of you.

Finally, healing doesn’t happen overnight and it takes sometimes to heal. Give yourself time to heal. Do not rush into letting go of someone you love because you are presently hurt and you want to get rid of the feeling right away, instead allow for sometimes to heal. Depending on the situation, it may take months or years but I believe once you have the will, faith, patience and readiness to move on. The results come gradually with time and soon you realize that there is more to life than a miserable relationship.


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