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This will all sound obvious, but of course most fat burning is obvious, choice between a carrott or a doughnut, no brainer right! But there are ways that you can speed up your fat burning, without feeling hungry, without killing yourself at the gym (sorry, but exercise is not optional here), and no, you can not target specific areas at any time, your bodys’ fat storage is as one.

So here we go, the plain and simple guide to fat burning:

1. Exercise before breakfast – how you do this, is up to you! Go for a walk, run, crosstrainer, aerobics DVD, HOUSEWORK, anything, as long as it gets you sweating (yes, sex is an option).

2. Eat BROWN – yes, its time to go wholemeal, lets have that brown bread, brown pasta, brown rice, WHY? because your body has to work harder to break it down, keeps you fuller longer, and keeps the sugar levels low. And why do you want the sugar levels low, because when insulin is released to regulate high sugar levels, it also kicks in your fat storing. So when you eat cake, sugar=insulin=fat storing=fat from cake on you!! Its obviously more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

3. Lean protein – yes, its time to go white, lets have that CHICKEN, TURKEY, FISH, EGG WHITES. Lean BEEF, now and again, but keep away from sausages, have you seen how much fat, comes out of a sausage.

4. Vegetables – OUCH! everybodys favourite. Go starchy, on no more than once a day, then let the rest be leafy, legumes, and salad. Unfortunately, calorie watching is something you must learn, and most veg, are really low in calories.

5. Fruit – Tricky one because of the sugar, first 2 meals would be okay.

6. EAT at least 4-5 TIMES A DAY – What, really? Yes no joke, your body needs to keep burning food, to speed up your metabolism, once you have that thing firing, it will devour you………….

7. WATER – half pint to a pint with every meal, no your not a camel, but your body will thank you for it.

So we have our exercise, number of meals, food types (Obvious really), and water, so how to put it together. Just like most things, thats up to you, but here is an example of a usual day:

0700: Fall out of bed, quick march round the block, neighbours enjoy it anyway, after a while so will you!

0730: Scrambled egg whites on brown toast, banana and water.

0800: (Good time to shower)

1000: Turkey salad sandwich, with light mayo, an apple, and water

1230: Leftovers from last nights vegetable pasta bake, and water

1300: Bathroom (again)

1530: Tuna salad, and water

1800: Chicken curry and brown rice (keep it low fat curry), and you guessed it WATER.


Great tip is to check google for calorie counting websites, eg fitday and what calories you should eat for your height and current weight, this will affect portion size, again loads of websites with those tools. Another top tip, is to do some resistance training as well, it will keep your muscles up.

Well thats it, nothing to it, i personally got down to 11% body fat, by doing this, and even after 12 weeks, when i started to go back to 3 meals a day and no calorie counting, i was still burning fat.

Hope you enjoyed it, and good luck on your fat burning, ITS UP TO YOU!!!


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