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Big Bang Theory season 1-4, really great! 

This event works with four packages, but only two big geeks. Life is not like walking in the right direction as it moves next Beatuy door.There life began to change as new customers who do not charactics like.In finally a challenge and we remain friends. I love this show well, because it’s like Beauty and the Geek CBS.It, is one of the best new comedies and was not really a comedy that records together in the TV time. see this show hard and living life to the sitcom. I think the show is great! I miss Gilmore Girls and do not forget the two men and half. I laughed a lot during the pilot, I’m a little sore. I really hope this show to survive. I really hope Americans are smart enough to joke. Arrested Development is not because people are not smart enough … so sad. I think the combination of dumb blonde with the children, who are too smart to a time when the lights it. Seriously, how can you as a show where two adults in her apartment and boxers get their panties tight enough after trying to capture the TV for a hot girl? It’s been a while since I laughed out loud the entire episode of a series, but the Big Bang theory is one of the funniest, well written, well played crazy comedy I had never seen before. This can not result from a naive few geniuses. As a woman, I say absoultely adorable! What a fun series. And it has the merit of the execution of another comedy of the minutes of laughter. This may mean that the two men and half for the geeks and nerds. Certainly fun. I really like this program compared to my other favorite fresh and innovative sounds, such as network BBC ‘The IT Crowd “came to the U.S. in January 2008 for NBC. Both programs are excellent and I recommend it to anyone interested. Certainly in tune with both programs and one week pre-order the DVD of the campaign as soon as possible. I know it’s too early to make assumptions about the series, but I can not see this show shine.


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