How to Minimize Unwanted Facial Hair Growth

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Are you a woman with keloid scars or hair bumps? Not sure? Well, it is critical to know the difference so that you can determine the best treatment. Both men and women can get razor bumps from shaving. A keloid is different from a regular hair bump in that keloid scars are painful and large. Hair growth in that area can stop and keloid scars can become very painful.

Hair bumps are a little different. Hair bumps range in size from small to medium and still allow facial hair growth to occur.  And often, the more the hair grows the more irritated the hair bump can become.

Keloid scars are not cancerous or tumors. Neither are hair bumps. Both Keloid scars and hair bumps can be overcome.

By following the suggestions below, you can reduce your chances in developing keloid scars and razor bumps.

Often women who have unwanted facial hair growth or a hormonal imbalance are more prone to razor bumps and keloid scars. Facial hair growth, although common, is not normal in females. It is a sign that the body is not in balance. Typically, when this occurs, you are prone to more skin infections as well.

Fight against this by using products that help female hair growth and hormonal imbalances. Also, choose your skin products wisely. Natural therapies will work best for your sensitive skin, fighting razor bumps and keloid scars. Great products to choose from are Bump Mud and Wanji. Wanji specifically helps female hair growth, skin irritation and hormonal imbalances. Creams and supplements are available through Wanji and studies have found them to particularly effectively. Bump mud is also a great source for those prone to razor bumps, as it is a therapeutic, herbalist product made for ingrown hairs and bumps.

Keep in mind, if women in your family are more hairy, your facial hair growth most likely is linked to genetic attributes. If your family members have more sensitive skin, you may also heal slower. This is okay. Just try to avoid foods such as milk, butter, meat, chicken, and beef. These are often loaded with hormones, which can increase your hair growth. Monitor your use of birth control and diet pills, which can boost female testosterone and estrogen levels, resulting in greater facial hair growth.

Also, remember to make smart choices when cleansing. As a woman more prone to facial scars, razor bumps and facial hair, what you choose to use when washing your face is important.

Use sugar based facial exfoliators and all natural skin cleansers. This will help your pores stay free and clear, reducing ingrown hairs and razor bumps from unwanted facial hair. Sugar also can reduce facial hair growth over time and is great for waxing. Great natural cleansers to choose from are U Big Pore Baby or Zap Erase. And, you will know the difference. Cleansing with 100% natural ingredients will keep your skin from becoming inflamed and even brighten the dark marks you may have from shaving unwanted facial hair.

Always use sterilized shaving tools, letting them sit after use in witch hazel or lemon juice. Always shave in the direction of your hair growth or use natural wax..

Getting rid of hair bumps is easy when you have the information, plus many of the options provided might just reduce that facial hair. Just stick with the basics and you will not get razor bumps.


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