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Should or should you not get a home inspection when you buy a house? The answer is most definitely yes. Buying a home may be the largest investment you will ever make and you want to protect yourself. What you really want to know are the potential problem areas of the property in question before you purchase it. The purchase of the home is a very exciting and stressful time, and with that, it is easy to overlook some of the important details associated with the condition of the home being purchased and you can feel secure when you select a Tyler, TX home inspector to inspect the house.
Now the hard part is, for you as the buyer, to make the right choice and obtain the best inspector. Notice that it does not say the best price, as the best price inspector may just be the worst inspector out there. Ask some questions to determine the right one. Questions such as “Does the inspector have real knowledge?” “What qualifications does the inspector have (such as a Texas Real Estate License)?” “Do they have the experience and will they answer all of your questions?” “Will they answer their phone in a month if I have a question and could I be present at the time of the inspection?” You need to have yes as the answer to all of those questions and any others that you may have. Granted you do not want to find the most expensive inspector either as they may not be the best choice. Ask questions or find the answers you are looking for online and find the inspector that you feel you can trust.
You do want to find an inspector that has the knowledge of the Tyler area. They will be able to look for things that are unique to the area. What does that mean exactly? Well, Tyler has had some very terrible hail storms within the last few years, and any local inspector would know that, so they would know to take an extra look at the roof and to inspect it more thoroughly. So make sure that your Tyler, TX home inspector is either in Tyler or one of her surrounding cities, so you can be assured that they will have the knowledge necessary.
Another thing would be to read reviews that former clients have written about the inspectors. Go to any search engine such as Google, and type in “tyler tx home inspector” or “tyler tx home inspectors” and there will be many options to choose from. Just remember to ask yourself questions about what you want in a home inspector and make sure that that particular inspector will be able to answer yes to all of those questions. You do not need to find the cheapest (if they happen to be the best and the cheapest, great!) or the most expensive as the price does not always indicate the quality of the inspector. The best thing is to find one that you feel you can trust because purchasing a home is no cheap matter.


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