What Are The Best Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend ?

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Number 5: Leave for lunch or breakfast. This is simple and anyone can do, but is likely to be something special that you do not get often do. So go ahead and take out to the park to watch the sunrise while snack of fresh fruit and yogurt. Or, take a small “hole in the wall” diner for lunch.

Number 4: Do something. You do not have to be a professional writer to express his feelings to her in a handwritten letter, and you do not have to be a carpenter to make a picture with his image on it. Find something you are good at, and make something good, and that is one of the best ways to impress his girlfriend.

Number 3: Take a limousine for your next appointment. Go to a restaurant a little smarter than usual, have a bunch ready for it and pick it up in a limousine. What better way to show how much you care, give him a night you will remember, and really impresses you?

Number 2: Send her on a treasure hunt. If your girl you like mystery and adventure, send it to a treasure hunt. Having friends in different seasons ready to give the track next to where to go. Get super-creative with this, and she was impressed. Just make sure that not too long or difficult, and you want to look good when at the end of your adventure.

And the number one way you can impress his girlfriend ….

Make her a celebrity for the day. Let her know how special it is to you and make you feel special. Send it in a private spa day, where I have left instructions that his favorite music and favorite foods available. Then take him to his favorite store, where I had to close so that she is the only one there. Buy what you want it, then take her to dinner at some fancy place where you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, optional private violinist.

Go ahead and be creative with these ideas, and reach more of your own. Most important of all is that you are showing how you feel. Do not forget to be telling you how you feel. Another simple way to impress his girlfriend to open up to her and let her know how you feel about it, and how important it is for you. The above ideas will give you great memories, but if you want to last, you have to be honest about how you feel, too.


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