Wingless Butterflies of Rising India

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India has the highest population of youth. India, emerging as a nation with a population of 600 million citizens 25 or below which means more than 60 per cent of India’s total population is youth, is posing a great problem of construction or destruction of the nation. It is the attitudes and outlook of this youth population that is going to decide the destiny of future India. These butterflies that emerge out busting their cocoons, winged or wingless, have become decidedly the mainstream of the country.

Dream of Indian youth

“India is shining” has been the slogan of India to lead the Indian youth towards prosperity. It is a normal dream of every youth to be educated, to get a suitable job and settle in life peacefully. It is common to both male and female. Only an uncorrupted and balanced growth can enable their wings to fly and achieve their goals. If these fundamental rights are deprived it will surely be a fatal blow to the development of the whole nation.

If this growing youth are educated and trained properly they can form the dynamic work force that can make the nation the invincible supreme power of the world. It has become an imminent necessity of the nation to vital engage the Indian youth in educationemployment and in entrepreneurial skills to boost economies and prevent potential alienation.
It has become a sad sight of the country that most of Indian youth seem to be frustrated and migrate to cities and urban areas abandoning their villages and all heritages. It is a visible threat that they are losing confidence in the rulers who hold the reigns of the nation.

Modern Indians, especially the growing young, although much disgusted with the teeming slums, congested streets, and crowded trains of metro and urban life have to fight hard for survival. Definitely, such a situation cannot provide a healthy blossoming of their dreams.

Health of Indian youth

It is a sad fact that Indian growth is growing ill due to changes in lifestyle and western influence. The changing food habits and sedentary lifestyle is making the youth grow obese. The health facilities of India are becoming more and more corrupted which is another cause of a hopeless society.

Declining sex ratio

Decline in sex ratio in India is a great social and economic threat to the country. Thealarming statistics threaten the social structure of the country with an unhealthy sex ratio of 914 females against 1,000 males – the lowest since Independence. In some north Indian states it is so low that it has already begun to create social problems such as sex crimes and psychological perversions.

Youth are the hope of India. They want to fly all over and spread prosperity and happiness everywhere. If their wings are mutilated or not provided normal growth, it will not only a loss to the nation but also a great fatal blow to the whole humanity. 


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