How To Market Your Online Business To Get More Customers

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When you create a business website, you need to market and advertise it for maximum exposure to the buying public. How do buyers find your site? You have a distinct advantage if you already sell on popular online marketplace like eBay and other known and trusted site like Amazon. As you develop a clientele of customers, you should send them periodic mailings that include news about your new products or special promotions you’re offering on your website.

Other than your own links, the best kind of marketing you can do these days is search engine keyword advertising. Search engines represent the most popular way in which consumers locate products on the Internet. When you send a keyword to a search service, you set a number of possible actions in motion. One thing that will happen is that the keyword will be processed by a script on a Web server that is operated by the search engines. The script will make a request called a query to a database file. The database contains contents culled from millions (even billions, depending on the service) of Web pages.

Specific actions you may also want to try to market and advertise your website are geo-targeted marketing campaigns such as:

  • List your website on Yahoo and Google – listing your website on Yahoo, Google and Bing is a must if you want your business to be discovered by other people on the Web.

  • Purchase Adwords – the Adwords program lets you place an ad that appears on Google only when someone clicks on the ad.

  • Putting Key Keywords In Your Web Pages – businesses can and should also take steps to improve their placement in the regular (non-paid) search results on Google and Yahoo. One way to do this is to add critical keywords to the HTML of their Web pages. If you don’t know how to do this you can ask the assistance of a Web designer or SEO specialist to do it for you.

  • Taking Out A Sponsored Ad On Yahoo Or Google – you can improve your listing on the search engines by paying them a certain amount per year (inquire about their pricing) to become a sponsored website. Your website is then listed in the sponsored sites box at the top of the search engine category.


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