Brian White is Chairman of Ray White Group And Tom Wright as Design Director of Atkins

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Brian White is Chairman of Ray White Group

Brian White is the third generation leader of the Ray White Group. Soon after he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics in 1962, he commenced with the company in its commercial agency. As his experience was enhanced, Brian negotiated the repositioning of the company’s commercial business to the new Richard Ellis practice in Queensland under family ownership.

With that success, New Zealand was also opened. Richard Ellis Queensland developed a staff of over 100 and was the acknowledged market leader. The New Zealand practice also became the market leader in major investment sales. With the sale of the broad Richard Ellis group to the US CB Commercial Company in the late 90’s, Brian was appointed non-executive chairman of the new CBRE Australasian Group. He completed his CBRE relationship in 2006. In later years, Ray White Commercial was re-established and has grown at a remakable pace while enjoying some landmark agency appoinments in recent years.

In 2001, Brian supported his son, Dan, in the creation of the Ray White Invest. At last, the Ray White Group was able, with its ASIC license, to offer securitized property products of the highest quality. In the 61st FIABCI World Congerss 2010 in Bali, Brian will be the speaker in the Forum Innovation in Real Estate, Surviving and Balancing New Realities. In addition to discussing any influences of the “green movement” Brian will focus on marketing projects-residential and commercial, especially recent trends in marketing techniques and new insights.

Tom Wright as Design Director of Atkins

Tom Wright has been with Atkins as head of architecture since 1999. Headquartered in Epsom, London, Atkins is one of the world’s leading multi discipine design consultancies. Tom is the achitec and the designer of the Burj al Arab in Dubai, UEA. The burj al arab (tower of arab’s) was initially planned in 1993 and the projects was complated in 1999. During the construction, Tom live in Dubai as Atkin’s project desiger director.

The Burj al Arab was built to create an icon for dubai that is synonymous with order famous sites like the eiffel tower in Paris and Opera House in Sydney. Tom also involved in the expansion of the grand mosque in Mecca to extend its capacity from 1 million to 35 million worshippers. His other famous projects in the Middle East are a 25-storey 600-room of resort hotel, Roytal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Aqua Park, Rajhi Tower in Riyadh, and more.

Tom’s innovative creation also goes as far as Asia, Europe and Australia. Among his projects are French Quarter in Brisbane; Europe Towers in Brussels; Tehran Mall in Iran; Millenium Towers in Bangkok; Reggata Development in Jakarta

Graduated from royal Russel School and Kingston University, London, Tom will reveal more about his expertise and how he expresses his view in innovative and landmark architectural design, as he will be one of the speakers during the 61st FIABCI World Congress on Bali Island.

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